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6.20 update

Discussion in 'Airport City News' started by Free2Play, 6 February 2019.

  1. Fuel additive for only 100 candy hearts ? ? Great ! except if candy hearts are difficult gather !
  2. Airport city cheat

    Airport city cheat Active Member

    None of the above
    Airport city flyer
    The new rising dragon event is about to finish & now there will be 2 romantic events back to back followed by dancing with leprechauns, I think there will be a lot of late nights & early mornings soon
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  3. Thanks for the update.
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  4. Thanks for both Valentine's Day events. I need the On the Wing of Love event, I wasn't playing two years ago. Plus, A Walk in the Clouds is one of my favorite events.
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  5. Thanks for the heads up.

    I love back to back events
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  6. Darina

    Darina Active Member

    Windows PC
    Thanks for the update. I really like new events. (y) Only, I hope, hearts will be better to fall out than umbrellas :rolleyes: :(
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  7. Wasted Eagle

    Wasted Eagle VIP Flyer Active Member 1000+ Star Club

    PM or tag for any request
    Wasted (Eagle) *itemneeded
    :shifty: Wake me when the Useful building arrives.

    Ah, who am I kidding: bring the events! :whistle::ROFLMAO:
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  8. Darina

    Darina Active Member

    Windows PC
  9. Eddie

    Eddie Active Member

    Windows PC
    Capt. Parson or CP item
    You are a bit keen there Darina, On past form (not just the last one) I wouldn't expect anything on my Windows PC for several hours yet, possibly tomorrow.
  10. Darina

    Darina Active Member

    Windows PC
    There is already an update on windows.
  11. :cool::p Now, with Win10 update live it is time to start a rant on behalf of the poor iOS users :D:ROFLMAO:
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  12. OMG, where is the iOS update!!! It has gone several hours now since Android update! I will never be able to complete it in time now... GI call Apple, DO SOMETHING!!! :p
  13. I'm sitting in the corner of a darkened room just rocking backwards and forwards. I can't handle this waiting. The walls are closing in.
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  14. Free2Play

    Free2Play Airport City Developer VIP Flyer Active Member

    Android, iPad, iPhone, Facebook, Windows PC
    We've released them all within half an hour, by the way. Unless Apple servers take a St. Valentine vacation it should roll out tonight everywhere.
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  15. Update live on Windows Thanks Free2Play
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  16. You’re really killing buzz around our snarkiness ;)
  17. chili

    chili 150+ Star Club Active Member

    Leading the league at the moment

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  18. LjGibbs

    LjGibbs 150+ Star Club VIP Flyer Active Member

    Windows PC
    One of my alliance has just asked me if the pax count to the event destinations I've just checked with speed up's and haven't seen any change in my pax can anyone confirm for certain that they don't count or my pax just aren't counting properly?

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