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23 May 2018 at 01:15
14 May 2017
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Viewing thread Windows - Weekly Trading Thread - May 21, 2018, 23 May 2018 at 01:15
    1. Chazzy999
      Thanks for the cooling chamber from one of your support accounts. I sent spare wire to your main account - I need two more if that's OK so let me know what I can return if spare wire is not what you want.
    2. Chazzy999
      Can you gift cooling chamber or defroster from your other accounts? Let me know what I can return if so. many thanks.
      1. benfly123
        Defroster but right now it is in glitch mode.
        21 March 2018
      2. benfly123
        I believe Below Average can send cooling chambers.
        21 March 2018
        Chazzy999 likes this.
      3. Chazzy999
        Oh dear - you're affected by this bug - it is massive.
        21 March 2018
    3. Chazzy999
      I'm just back form a launch. Please add me as your neighbour my code is 04tw835l
    4. Anderson Libera
      Anderson Libera
      I'm add you up 3 accs! Tks
      1. benfly123
        Then you might want this one too. 20ptlh0j
        I only visit my support accounts once a day so I will accept them tomorrow.
        2 October 2017
    5. Winitall63
      I received your gifts but when I try to send the fuel and shredder your user doesn't appear? Am I doing something wrong?
      1. benfly123
        No. You technically sent me the florescent lamp. Must have been an game error when you took it, the game must have sent the lamp out at the same time. Have to wait until reset.
        12 June 2017
      2. Winitall63
        Ok sorry, I will send the fuel at reset
        12 June 2017
    6. Winitall63
      I have some items I can gift you on your list. I will invite you if you're interested
      1. benfly123
        Sure. Can you send Fuel20? Shredder and travel guide can wait. I will send you a loader. I may be the only one on this board who can give it.
        12 June 2017
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  • About

    • Windows PC
    Friend Code:


    Edited: 9/19/18 2:00PM 14:00 EST aka New York Time Zone

    GameName: benfly123
    Friend Code: Not accepting new neighbors at this time
    Operating System: Windows 10
    Level - 74 / Stars - 298

    All gifts go to main account BenFly + item needed, if you have that account as your neighbor.

    Highest Needs:
    Flight Catering, Beacons

    Pharmaceutical Lab: Air Shower - 10, Bioreactor - 6

    Control Tower Level 10: Technical Pen - 2,
    Repair Base Level 7 - Magnetic Flaw Detector - 9, Ultrasonic Flaw Detector - 9,

    Terminal Level 8: Arcade Machine - 1, Smart Glass - 4, X-ray Scanner - 4
    Terminal Level 9: Floor Washer - 8, Information Sign - 6, Patrol Drone - 8, Turnstile - 8
    Terminal Level 10: Currency Detector - 10, Document Detector - 10, Explosives Detector - 10, Lie Detector - 10

    Town Hall level 7: Fax - 2, Mayor's Portrait - 1, Office Chair - 4
    Town Hall level 8: Holographic Display - 4, Intercom - 4,
    Town Hall level 9: 3D Printer - 8, Energy Saving Lamp - 8, Hand Dryer - 8, Postal Drone - 8
    Town Hall level 10: Flatbed Scanner - 10, Laminator - 10, Paper Cutter - 10, Stitcher - 10

    VR Headset - 14,000
    E-reader - 14,000
    Earplugs - 14,000
    Attitude Indicator - 12,000
    Wireless Compass - 1,000
    Deicer - 500
    Spare Propeller - 11,000
    Fuel Hose - 500
    Navigation Module - 11,000
    Oscillating Beacon - 11,000
    Spare Wire - 500
    Additional Radar - 6,000
    Landing Lamp - 6,000
    Fuel20, flight items, gyroscope and altimeter

    Items I Can Give
    : TBA
    Items to Open Buildings: Protractor, Thermographic Flaw Detector, Wall Speaker,
    Air Conditioner, Album, Assembly Robot, Controller, Copy Machine, Do Not Disturb Sign, Disinfecting Solution, Edge Banding Machine, Ergonomic Chair, Flight Googles, Glazing Machine, Handling Line, Insulation, Lining Plate, Solar Cell, Transmitter, Video Wall, Washing Machine, Weather Display, Welder, Wide Angle Binoculars,
    Items for Flight: Passengers (5 units), Passengers 10, Ice Detector, Additional Radar, Attitude Indicator, Bed, Blanket, Deicer, E-Reader, Earplugs, Flight Catering, Fuel Additives, Fuel Catalyst, Fuel Hose, Fuel Supply, Landing Lamp, Navigation Module, Oscillating Beacon, Powerful Radio Transmitter, Sleeping Pill, Spare Propeller, Spare Wire, VR Headset, Wireless Compass
    Duty Free Shop: Filled Candies, Single Malt Whiskey, White Gold Bracelet,
    Repair Items: Aircraft Tire, Gyroscope, Landing Gear, Paint,
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