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24 June 2017 at 15:15
14 May 2017
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benfly123 was last seen:
Viewing forum list, 24 June 2017 at 15:15
    1. Winitall63
      I received your gifts but when I try to send the fuel and shredder your user doesn't appear? Am I doing something wrong?
      1. benfly123
        No. You technically sent me the florescent lamp. Must have been an game error when you took it, the game must have sent the lamp out at the same time. Have to wait until reset.
        12 June 2017
      2. Winitall63
        Ok sorry, I will send the fuel at reset
        12 June 2017
    2. Winitall63
      I have some items I can gift you on your list. I will invite you if you're interested
      1. benfly123
        Sure. Can you send Fuel20? Shredder and travel guide can wait. I will send you a loader. I may be the only one on this board who can give it.
        12 June 2017
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    Edited: 6/18/17 2:00PM 14:00 EST aka New York Time Zone

    GameName: benfly123
    Friend Code: 20ure8cv
    Operating System: Windows 10
    Level - 44 / Stars - 52
    Alliance - дврегион

    Highest Needs: Vivaldi-Antenna - 2, Fuel 20, Flight Catering

    Needs: Airline Route Map - 2, Arch Medal Detector - 1, Beverage Cooler - 4, Cash Counter - 4, Fax - 4, Glass Display Case - 4, Headset - 4, Laptop - 2, Machine Oil - 2, Mayor's Portrait - 3, Monitor - 4, Office Chair - 4, Parking Meter - 4, POS terminal - 1, Reinforced Wire - 6, Server Rack - 2, Smoke Detector - 2, Transmitter - 9, Walkie Talkie - 4, Wall Speaker - 4
    Flight items in order of priority: Flight Catering - 500, Spare Propeller - 100, Fuel Hose - 100, Navigation Module - 100
    Flight Catering - 1,000,000, Spare Propeller - 600, Fuel Hose - 500, Navigation Module - 380, Os Beacon - 480, Spare Wire - 200, Additional Radar - 70, Fuel Additives - 50,
    Also take: Fuel 20
    Flight items in this order - Fuel Hose, Spare Wire, Navigation Module, Oscillating Beacon, Flight Catering, Additional Radar, Fuel Additives, Fuel Supply, Powerful Radio Transmitter, Landing Lamps
    I will also take gyroscope, altimeter, cognac, filled candies, make up, perfume, white gold bracelet

    Items I Can Give
    : Air Magnetometer - boo
    Items to Open Buildings: Loader, Offset Gregorian Antenna,
    Communication Antenna, Computer, Copy Machine, Do Not Disturb Sign, Drill Machine, Laser Level, Master Plan, Rope Block, Slide Rule, Smoke Detector, Stamp, Stapler, Travel Guide, TV Panels, Video Wall, Washing Machine, Weather Display
    Items for Flight: Fuel (3 units), Passengers 10, Additional Radar, Blanket, Deicer, Flight Catering, Fuel Additives, Fuel Catalyst, Fuel Hose, Fuel Supply, Landing Lamp, Navigation Module, Oscillating Beacon, Powerful Radio Transmitter, Spare Propeller, Spare Wire, Wireless Compass
    Duty Free Shop: Eau de Toilette, Skin Care Products, White Gold Bracelet,
    Repair Items: Altimeter, Generator, Jet Engine, Landing Gear, Paint

    Note: One time it took me a couple of minutes to log into the forum. If I cannot log into my account, I will continue with my current list of gifts.
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