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29 May 2017 at 08:40
13 November 2015
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26 December 1965 (Age: 51)

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Well-Known Member, Male, 51

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Viewing forum Airport City News, 29 May 2017 at 08:40
    1. Blue Jay
      Blue Jay
      Sent invites from main and fuel account
    2. Eren
      Hi:) I need some gyroscope. I can send you back agh what you need. Sent you an invitation. I'll appreciate if you accept it:)
    3. Bob69bob
      Sorry, landing lamps on reset
    4. Khiez
      today i sent you plasma cout, pls help to send space ship launch console.

      thank you
      1. Pit1024 likes this.
    5. Khiez
      hello , pls help to send me spaceship launch console.
      i hv sent you optical system not sure if you still need it .

      1. Pit1024 likes this.
    6. Khiez
      Hello Pit1024, i hv add you as my neighbor. please accept.

      thank you
    7. Support4u
      Can you sent me:
      Album 1x please, thanks in advance!
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  • About

    26 December 1965 (Age: 51)
    • iPad
    Friend Code:


    Username: Pit1024-item needed
    Code: Pit1024
    Level: 77 Stars: 273 Hearts: 9
    Successfully finished events: Dark Skies '16, Thanksgiving Day '16 and '17, Back to School '16, Santa's Bad Day '16, Santa's Bad Mood '17, On the Wings of Love '17, The Spring Has Come '17, Dancing with the Leprechauns '17, Easter Cheer '17

    Quest items available: Video Board

    Item(s) requested:
    Quest items (highest priority): none

    Only if you can't send the above items (higher priority items listed first, hard to find in color):

    Repair items: Altimeter
    or Fuel: F20
    or Flight items: Fuel Catalyst
    (Last update: 22nd April 2017)
    Events: Silver Sickle, Butterfly Net, Pruning Shears, Snow Shovel, Geiger Counter, Old Lantern, Snowball, Sleigh Cover, Bright Lantern, Video Board
    Construction: Technical Pen, Massage Chair, Lie Detector, Mayor's Portrait, Ultrasonic Flaw Detector
    Spaceship Engine, Air Conditioner,
    Flatwork Ironer, Crucible, Boring Machine, Bioreactor
    Anti-Theft Gate, Channel Bar, Disposable Shampoo, Drill Machine, Generator, Hull Parts, Master Plan,
    Projector, Smoke Detector, Solar Cell, Stapler, Travel Guide, TV Panels, Video Wall, Weather Display
    Flights: Passenger(5), Passengers(10), Fuel Catalyst, Additional Radar, Attitude Indicator, Bed, Blanket, Deicer, E-reader, Earplugs, Flight Catering, Fruit Lollipop, Fuel Additives
    , Fuel Hose, Fuel Supply, Landing Lamp, Navigation Module, Oscillating Beacon, Powerful Radio Transmitter, Sleeping Pill, Spare Propeller, Spare Wire, VR Headset, Wireless Compass
    Repairs: Cockpit Glass, Gyroscope, Jet Engine, Passenger Seat

    Duty Free: Eau de Toilette, Makeup, Single Malt Whiskey
    Gift support game: Pit1024SpNoGifts (04vdnfl9) - please don't return gifts here, send them to Pit1024 instead
    Current event: Bench
    Construction (factories):
    Spaceship Engine, Packaging Machine, Flatwork Ironer, Glazing Machine, Sliding Table Saw, Disinfecting Solution
    Flights: same as in the main game with Passengers(10)

    Repairs: Aircraft Tire, Altimeter, Cockpit Glass, Passenger Seat
    Duty Free: Eau de Toilette, Single Malt Whiskey, White Gold Bracelet
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