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22 November 2017 at 13:51
26 April 2016
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7 August 1965 (Age: 52)

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Well-Known Member, Male, 52

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Viewing thread, 22 November 2017 at 13:51
    1. Blue Jay
      Blue Jay
      Sent invites from main and fuel account
    2. Marve
      Hi Ddave! Sent you Chainsaw from support game Marve 2 but please always return to main game Marve-Chainsaw. Thanks
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    7 August 1965 (Age: 52)
    • iPad
    • iPhone
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    Username: Ddave1
    Level/Stars: 79/424
    Device: iPad

    Location time zone – UK mainly but do travel the world and different time zones

    Important reqs are in RED

    If you want to send me anything at the moment then please send spare wire or additional radar - I will return whatever you want

    Terminal item needed level 11 - Completed

    Control tower items needed level 11 - Completed

    Town hall items needed Level 11 - High speed elevator (10), Pneumatic capsule (0), EV Charging station (0), Air purifier (7)

    Required updated 04/08/2017
    Flight items needed – Landing lamps, Spare wire, Beds, Propeller's, Oscillating beacon, Navigation module, Fuel hose, E-readers

    6 Pharmaceutical lab items needed Completed - Bioreactor (0), Granulator (0), Air Shower (0),Disinfecting solution (0)

    Repair base Level 7 items - constructed, I can no longer send any parts for repair base 7

    Other building items required -

    Please message if you can send anything/want anything or add as friend as I usually delete random friend requests

    I can send: High Speed Elevator, Passengers(5), fuel catalyst, All inclusive bracelet, Air conditioner, Chocolate Candies, Cockpit glass, Generator, Album, Landing lamp, Projector, Sandbag, Fuel (20), Powerful radio transmitter, Video wall, Robot tester, Textbook, Eau de toilet, Fuel supply, Jet engine, Calculator, Fuel additives, Power source, Optical system, Additional radar, Makeup, Shredder, Spare wire, Hull parts, Passenger seat, Flight catering, Oscillating beacon, Cooling chamber, Navigation module, City model, Fuel hose, Gyroscope, Spare propeller, De-icer, Grinding machine, Wireless compass, Washing machine, Blanket, Atitude indicator, Crucible, Earplugs, Fruit lollipop, Edge banding machine, Bed, E-reader, Sleeping pill, VR Headset, Disinfecting solution.

    Follow the hints of all the experienced players on this forum who have helped me so much -

    Build red pad and do lots of space flights for fuel
    Build adventure buildings - they give you daily items for the collections
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