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2 April 2013
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3 November 1986 (Age: 32)

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Airport City Developer, Male, 32

VIP Flyer Active Member

Per aspera ad astra 2 April 2013

    1. Nobrakes88
      Hi Ivan, I cant buy coins nor airport cash on VK today, it it a bug or have I been banned?
      my username is Shaun Chik
      It says (from what I can read from the Russian popup that the system is down for a moment)
      1. Free2Play
        This is not a bug, but payments are really not available at VK at the moment for everyone.
        2 January 2019
    2. wwo55
      Hi Ivan, iOS11 provide a possibility to track navigation by GPS even in an Airplane mode. Even worse - it changes time zones in the air.
      It means your player will have a possibility to change time zones automatically without any mainual actions.
      1. Free2Play
        I'm not sure we can do anything about it, but we'll check.
        17 November 2017
    3. wwo55
      Hi Ivan, my two accounts are still blocked from 14th December. Could you ask your team about this problem? I sent information to G! And your supports. No any help...
    4. Diabloscort
      Hi Ivan!!! Merry Christmas and Happy new year!!!
      1. ali efc likes this.
    5. ali efc
      ali efc
      Dear free2play,can I ask,are you aware of the problems with the latest snow update for android.my game won't load at all for 3 days since I updated, it is just stuck on the "loading" page
      1. Diabloscort likes this.
      2. ali efc
        ali efc
        This has been resolved now.
        Happy holidays to you.!!
        21 December 2015
    6. rocky
      Hi, When will we get the Casino event on Windows PC and how much will they cost ?
    7. Neil ellor
      Neil ellor
      Ivan what is your stance on playing the Russian version if you are English. Is it likely to get you a ban?
      1. Free2Play
        Oh, it's fine, of course. It's not available for English speaking players by default so it doesn't offend anyone.
        30 April 2015
      2. Neil ellor
        Neil ellor
        Nice one i think i will have a go
        30 April 2015
    8. GiftXchange
      Hi Ivan,
      Please pay your attention to Win8 platform problem with the current Easter event. Numerous players report - their Farmers Markets almost never yield quest items. In my experience - I got 2 items in total from 6 markets during 3 days. This looks very much alike that bug with Android and the Leprechauns event.
      1. suckerp and Faith1984 like this.
      2. Free2Play
        Maybe the real problem is that you want to complete a two week event in two days? :)
        4 April 2015
      3. suckerp
        I have the same problem on Windows Phone. Over 300 farmers markets visited and only 1 item dropped. And that was early on. The last 200+ visits I got 0 items.
        Something seems to be off there.

        Could you please look into that issue. Thanks.
        6 April 2015
    9. lfcawc
      Hi, can we expect an ios update soon?!?
    10. Vialino
      Hi Ivan,
      I wonder if you can give me a hand with my tokens problem . I was accuse of time traveling but it was not the case. I just left the game open for 2 hours and then I was block and my tokens were gone. I contacted GI support my request number is #1125300. I just need my tokens back, 6 gold and about 600 silver. Could you please give me a hand?
    11. Free2Play
      Per aspera ad astra
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