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3 August 2018
2 July 2015
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5 October 1960 (Age: 58)
California / United States

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Well-Known Member, Male, 58, from California / United States

If it's meant to be, it will be... If it's not, it won't... 21 February 2016

Ten33go was last seen:
3 August 2018
    1. Chon
      you can send me neighbors request 04wpzky1 my name is Chon
    2. Angel72
      Need to complete a Fuel Station H for the choppers.
    3. Angel72
      Greetings all. Hope someome can help getting a Mobile Fuel Station and Fuel Filter? Link up with me on 2023xcdd. cheers
    4. PhactorPhil
      Happy Birthday! I haven't seen or heard from you in a while. Hope all is OK!
      1. Ten33go likes this.
    5. flyfire
      Haven't see you playing for some time. Are you on vacation?
    6. Cosmic Blue
      Cosmic Blue
      thank you for the scanners but i have enough to complete my building.
      1. Ten33go likes this.
    7. Cosmic Blue
      Cosmic Blue
      Can you slide some flatbed scanners my way.
      1. Ten33go likes this.
    8. Bob69bob
      Please add Bob69-giveF20 to both acc for gifting :)
    9. Blue Skies
      Blue Skies
      How do people get invited to join the Three Musketeers? Are they nominated by a member?

      Kendra is interested
    10. Blue Skies
      Blue Skies
      I understand that you are taking over the Green party while Mouse is away. I would like to be in the rotation.
    11. Pit1024
      Hi Ten33go, would you please invite me from both your games. I would need 2 Washing Machines, atm I will be sending you flight items.
      Thanks in advance, Pit1024 (IOS)
    12. Cosmic Blue
      Cosmic Blue

      can you send me 7 boring machines so i can complete the furniture factory.


    13. Blue Skies
      Blue Skies
      Hello Ten33, If you need "immediate assistance", maybe I can help. Visit my airport Blue Cessna.
    14. !angel
      hi ten33go when i updated i lost all my neighbors could you please add me, username-angelB and code 20t8yvl8 thanks :)
    15. Haej Hog
      Haej Hog
      Can I get your friend code for one of your accounts and I will send you a gift and vice versa?
    16. rocky
      Welcome aboard Ten and thanks for your reply, it's a little bit hard for me to post right now.
      1. Ten33go
        Thank you sir! No worries, I know how it can go sometimes.
        5 May 2016
    17. tanmaya mahapatra
      tanmaya mahapatra
      Hi i need Robot Tester you have in Ten2 . please send me friend request from my friend code is w93q3ik
    18. tanmaya mahapatra
      tanmaya mahapatra
      Hi i need Centrifuge, can you please send me friend request so that we can exchange gifts. My friend code is w93q3ik
    19. w4mlhq8
      Thank you for the Cash Counter. I have sent Pearl Earrings and Landing Lamp to your accounts. Could you send me Stamp from your Ten2 account? Thx
      1. Ten33go likes this.
      2. Ten33go
        Sure, no problem at all. Was going to do that anyway. *Wink, wink, nudge, nudge*
        13 March 2016
    20. Radu81
      Hello,I'm new one this forum. I'm looking for friends and neighbors.Thanks.
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  • About

    5 October 1960 (Age: 58)
    California / United States
    • Windows Mobile
    • Windows PC
    Friend Code:
    PM me for both friend codes


    Username: Ten33go
    Game Name #1 / #2: Ten (Level: 74 Stars: 250 Hearts: 9) / Ten2 (Level: 74 Stars: 189 Hearts: 9)
    Friend code #1 / #2: Please PM for neighbor requests

    Location: Central California / PST / Windows PC / Daily player / Alliance on both

    Ten Gift Requests: Priority Items (Red items first if available pls): Event | Fuel Hose | Oscillating Beacon | Flight Catering | Pearl Earrings

    Ten2 Gift Requests:
    Priority Items (Red items first if available pls): Event | Flight Catering | Attitude Indicator | Fuel Hose | Oscillating Beacon

    Gift Items Ten can send:

    Normal Flight Items | Observation Drone | Flatbed Scanner | Lie Detector | Passengers (5) | Bath Towel | Computer | Pearl Earrings | Paint | Welder | Great Shots | Radar | Rope Block | Fuel (20 Units) | Video Wall | Assembly Robot | Text Book | Cognac | Aircraft Tire | Wide Angled Binoculars | Insulation | Optical System | White Gold Bracelet | Cash Counter | Lining Plate | Landing Gear | Defroster | City Model | Altimeter | Grinding Machine | Flatwork Ironer | Tunnel Freezer | Edge Banding Machine | Bed | E-Reader | Thermographic Flaw Detector | Sleeping Pill | VR Headset | Bioreactor | ** New Items ** | Event: Concert Screen | Canvas Roof | Pocket Whistle

    Gift Items Ten2 can send:

    Normal Flight Items | Fire Extinguisher | Fingerprint Reader | Intercom | Patrol Drone | Fuel (3 units) | Disposable Shampoo | Air Conditioner | Single Malt Whiskey | Cockpit Glass | Generator | Travel Guide | Projector | Channel bar | Passengers (10) | Video Wall | Spaceship Engine | POS Terminal | Eau De Toilette | Jet Engine | Stapler | Drill Machine | Solar Cell | Make Up | Shredder | Server Rack | Passenger Seat | Packaging Machine | Master Plan | Gyroscope | TV Panels | Washing Machine | Screw Press | Hammer Drill | Bed | E-Reader | X-Ray Flaw Detector | Sleeping Pill | VR Headset | Air Shower | ** New Items ** | Event: Plasma Clot

    Please Tag me or private message me if you would like me to send a specific item
    Thank you very much for all gifts that have been received!

    Last updated: 7/5/2017
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