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25 August 2017
18 February 2016
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w4mlhq8 was last seen:
25 August 2017
    1. Pit1024
      Hi, w4mlhq8,
      Can you still send Mayor's Portraits? I need 3 more.
      If you still can send, pls send me invitation or advise your code.
      Pls advise what do you need in return.
      Best regards,
    2. Phil G
      Phil G
      Hi sorry I havnt returned your gifts, I was grounded for a few days ok now will be gifting you soon
    3. Phil G
      Phil G
      please send f20 as iv done with cards for now i will send back knife for you thx
    4. Phil G
      Phil G
      please send 2 of hearts thx
      1. w4mlhq8 likes this.
      2. w4mlhq8
        Will do
        30 March 2016
    5. Phil G
      Phil G
      im sorry i do not have any items you need for buildings. Please let me know what flight item you need, or i will return your F20 all the best
      1. w4mlhq8
        No problem. F20 is ok.
        24 March 2016
    6. Phil G
      Phil G
      Please could you send me F2O all the time thx. Please i will send what you request. All the best
      1. w4mlhq8
        I will.
        18 March 2016
    7. Radu81
      Hi,I have one question because I'm confuse.Where to send gift ? To Airville32 or Air fire 217? If I remember I send gifts to both accounts
      1. w4mlhq8
        Airville is my daily playing account. Air Fire is backup account and I may not have time to play on it every day.
        7 March 2016
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  • About

    • Windows PC
    Friend Code:


    ****** updated 9/29/2016 ******
    ====== Main Account =====
    Game Name: Airville

    Friend Code: wle8h5a (with letter L in the middle)
    New Friend Code: 201grhwo
    User Name: w4mlhq8
    Windows 10 PC; Level: 65, Stars: 89, Hearts: 9

    What I Need (by priorities):
    Terminal (level 7): Beverage Cooler x1 | Wall Speaker x3
    Flight: Attitude Indicator | Blanket | Spare Propeller | Flight Catering | Fuel Hose | Fuel | Passenger | Spare Wire | Additional Radar | Fuel Additive | Fuel Supply| Landing Lamp
    Duty Free: Cognac | Filled Candy | Makeup | White Gold Bracelet | Perfume

    What I can send (updated after latest upgrade):
    Granite Slab | Straitjacket | Mayor's Portrait | Arch Metal Detector | Walkie-talkie | Passenger 5 | Fuel Catalyst | All-Inclusive Bracelet | ATM | Pearl Earrings | Cockpit Glass | Welder | Tour Guide | Landing Lamp | Projector | Channel Bar | Passenger 10 | Powerful Radio Transmitter | Video Wall | Laser Level | Slide Rule | Cognac | Fuel Supply | Jet Engine | Calculator | Fuel Additives | Insulation | Communication Antena | Additional Radar | Makeup | Amperemeter | Spare Wire | Lining Plate | Passenger Seat | Oscillating Beacon | Flight Catering | Weather Display | Navigation Module | Transmitter | Fuel Hose | Altimeter | Spare Propeller | Deicer | Grinding Machine | Wireless Compass | Dryer | Blanket | Attitude Indicator | Screw Press | Earplugs | Fruit Lollipop | Boring Machine | Bed | E-reader