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Cosmic Blue
18 April 2013
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26 September 1961 (Age: 57)

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Cosmic Blue

Administrator, Male, 57

Administrator Active Member

request completed. send when you can. 12 July 2013

    1. OneGoldenHeart
      Thanks for the badge.
    2. Chon
      I send you neighbor request
      1. Cosmic Blue
        Cosmic Blue
        invite accepted, welcome to my game.
        5 August 2018
        Chon likes this.
    3. Ekenna
      I have added you. I can send daily gifts. Please accept.
      1. Cosmic Blue
        Cosmic Blue
        request accepted.
        20 May 2018
    4. Mohawkconvair240
    5. jasonmc45
      Is it ok to add you to my game please
    6. maxsander
      Thanks for the award, I ve more done, how can I get the others as well??!?
    7. sportybear
      Hello Cosmic Blue, thanks for the award for bad santa's day....pls remember to award me the Holiday Rush award as well...thanks...
    8. sportybear
      am sending u a neighbour request...hope to join the QL party...thanks
    9. Capt.S
      Hello Cosmic B....I’m sending you a neighbor request. I hope you accept.
    10. Mortimer
      Hi. Was wondering if you could tell me how to post Private Msgs on this board?

      1. Michael Gardner likes this.
      2. Michael Gardner
        Michael Gardner
        Having same problem as you, wondering if you got an answer?
        21 September 2017
    11. BAR SOLE
      BAR SOLE
      I lost all my neighbours after update can you give me code of both games?
      1000 Thanks...
    12. LAX
      I did send you an invite from my windows game. Please note that it is really just a support game for me as I am only on level 27. I certainly will send you anything that I can that will help you out!!
    13. CharisseNicole
      Hey! I added you :-)
    14. rocky
      Hi, I have received this answer earlier from the forum people:
      I have just logged into your account and was able to post and reply and still see your signature. Can somebody help me please ?cause I can not post, reply and my signature page is blank
    15. rocky
      Hi Cosmic Blue, sorry to bother you but I have the same problem than last week. I am able to post on profiles only, I can't reply on threads and I can't post on any threads. I sent the same message to Dave yesterday and this morning, I just sent a message to the general forum to ''Contact us'' at the bottom of the 1st page asking them to help me
    16. rocky
      Hi, I had to change my email to have access to the forum, I did all the steps, I follow the link and I came back to the forum and I got that message: Your email has been confirmed and your account is now fully active again.
      But it is not active, what should I do ?
    17. Khiez
      hi... please add me to be your neighbors or advise your friend code.

      my friend code : aalm14s

    18. Radu81
      Can I be your neighbor ?
    19. Radu81
      I would like to be your neighbor.Friend code w15cb5z ,level 60 ,game name Radu/NcMod/FlHos
      Do you accept me ?
    20. bjorn
      can you add me.
      friend code is allwzfu
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  • About

    26 September 1961 (Age: 57)
    • Windows PC
    yarcb (windows pc)


    yarcb is a windows 10[​IMG] game
    level 80
    Friend Code: 207gh9kp I will refuse those who do not send me a pm when inviting me unless they are known to me.
    member FairPlay 500 Alliance

    Thanks to all who helped complete :

    Priority :
    Wireless compass, Navigation modules, Fuel Hoses to complete mid level flights

    Future building needs :

    Gift update February 5, 2019
    City updated February 14, 2019

    Building Parts :
    ALBUM, Glass Display Case, Glazing machine, Granulator , Imprinter, Insulation, Packaging Machine, sandbag, Server Rack, Sliding Table saw, Smoke Detector, Tesla Lightening Rod, Washing Machine, Welder, Wide Angle Binoculars,

    Electronics :
    Additional Radar, Altimeter, Altitude Indicator, Autopilot, Controller, Differental Relay, E-reader, Headsup Display, Landing Lamp, Navigation Module, Pilot Headset, Powerful radio transmitter, Oscillating Beacon, Optical System, Radar, Robot Tester. Transmitter, Video wall, VR headset, VSI, Wireless compass

    Flight Supplies and store :
    Bed, Blanket, Ear plugs, Filled candies, Flight Catering, Fruit Lollipop, Fuel catalyst, Fuel Additive, Fuel Supply, Perfume, Passengers (5 & 10), Skin Care products Sleeping pill,All-inclusive bracelet

    Aircraft Tire, Cockpit Glass, Deicer, Fuel hose, Hydraulic Cylinder, Landing Lamp,Passenger Seat, Pilot Tube, Spare Propeller, Spare Wire, Lamp Shade,