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Share your top 3 weekly rank

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by Husam, 13 August 2018.

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  2. First place on blue launches for the first time of my life ! ! CHAMPAGNE ! ! !

  3. Congrats my friend (y)
  4. Not first time , maybe one time a month first place on 2 cities, not every week I post screenshots. ;)
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  5. I am impressed ! ! Well done !
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  6. IMG_20190102_140821.jpg

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  7. Congratulations my mate @Dafsade (y):whistle:
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  8. First place in Cape Town 31.12.2018

    First place in Medina 24.12.2018

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  9. Awesome guys congratulation (y)
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  10. Wow ! First on 2 destinations ? ? ? Like @AMG , Very well done ! !

    I am proud of you both ! ah ah ah !
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  11. First on two destinations but different week. I posted it on same post.
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  12. ah ok ! ! It is still a great performance, but 2 the same week is totally insane !
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  13. This was way too much work...almost ran out of earplugs

  14. Good job (y)
  15. Hi All,

    Managed 2nd in Frankfurt !!


  16. I managed 3rd in Dubai

    Attached Files:

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  18. This time first place in Nice :whistle:

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  19. Third place in Winnepeg
  20. IMG_20190112_142400.jpg

    Montreal last week.

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