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General Share your 'Collections' tips here!

Discussion in 'Airport City Collections' started by Dave, 6 January 2017.

  1. Dave

    Dave The Captain Administrator 150+ Star Club

    Please Ask
    Do you have any hints and tips that could help out new or veteran players about to take on one of the many collections for the first time? Feel free to share below!
  2. Kesh

    Kesh Moderator 700+ Star Club Administrator Moderator

    Key to majority of collections lie in adventure buildings. Those buildings are very important for your game progress. They increase population by 50 each building and drop one random collection items per day. At start it does not look much, but as you can have 6 of each kind - numbers become significant - At this moment we have 18 different adventure buildings (108 + 6 ski slopes + age of ash reward). At max you can have 115 items drop per day (800 per week...) Now you see the point. With all that you regularly get bonuses like recently very popular spy glass and sky captain. I have 87 of those and I'm getting at least 2 of each per week.
    Other benefit is less important but collection also bring coins.
  3. Do adventures....
    It is the key of everything.
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  4. Jhanki

    Jhanki Active Member

    None of the above
    Cloud Castle

    Dab da clouds! Do it while you watch tv, do it in your sleep. Do it in the middle of the night when you make a bathroom run. I've gotten this far, getting 3 - 17 items per day, and just riding out the last ten poodles required for completion. (You know I'm getting extras of everything on the way there.)

    The benefits: 150 passengers per day. 5% bonus on all residences within a 5 square blocks. And possibly a 20 - 50 population increase.

  5. Jhanki

    Jhanki Active Member

    None of the above
    Got it! Sorry, no passenger allowance. It has a 2 hour construction period which can be sped up with 500 coinsScreenshot_2017-09-10-23-48-57.png

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