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22 April 2015
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8 July 1977 (Age: 40)
Phoenix, AZ

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    1. jasonmc45
      I sent you a request thanks
    2. fertob
      Hi, Kesh.
      I sent a friend request, if you wouldn't mind. Thank you.
    3. Pit1024
      Hi, just realized you have a new code - have deleted the old Zzz Kesh and sent invitation to the code below.
    4. Lina Malina
      Lina Malina
      Hi Kesh. I sent you a friend req. Would you be so kind and accept me? Thanks ;) AirMalina (048olf6s)
      1. Lina Malina
        Lina Malina
        Uuuu, that was quick. Thank you dear neighbor ;)
        12 June 2017
        Kesh likes this.
    5. FlyingFalcon
      Just letting you know that I just changed my game name to match my forum name to try and minimize confusion. I'm looking forward to developing a good friendship through this forum and game.
      1. Kesh likes this.
    6. FlyingFalcon
      Could I ask a question. On your signature it says that kesh2 is not playing at the moment. Does that mean you aren't playing AC or is that someone else?
      1. Kesh
        Kesh2 is not active game. No one plays it. Kesh is my main and active game.
        16 April 2017
        FlyingFalcon likes this.
    7. FlyingFalcon
      Thanks for accepting me and sorry for the double message.
    8. FlyingFalcon
      I just sent you a neighbor request. I hope you will take me on.
      1. Kesh
        15 April 2017
    9. FlyingFalcon
      I just sent you a neighbor request. I hope you will take me on.
    10. kgmcguk1
      Hello, f/r sent from Gfhfj123 (kgmcguk1) thanks.
    11. Ty Gigamon
      Ty Gigamon
      re-invite sent, cheers
    12. Blue Jay
      Blue Jay
      Will send an invite if you don't mind, I have one gift left for today and can send earplugs
      1. Kesh likes this.
      2. Blue Jay
        Blue Jay
        Invite sent
        18 February 2017
    13. Jay J
      Jay J
      Hello, Kesh. I sent f/r from my both games jj and minime. Would you please accept? Thanks. :)
      1. Kesh likes this.
    14. Gt city
      Gt city
      Hi, Kesh. I just added you to one interesting conversation. Looking forward to get reply soon. Thanks!
      1. AJ likes this.
    15. BAR SOLE
      BAR SOLE
      Hi Kesh! Could you add me a neighbour if you have BARSOLE code is aeowyyp .Thank you
      1. Kesh
        18 November 2016
        BAR SOLE likes this.
    16. Kj brown
      Kj brown
      I've requested you on airport city would you be kind and accept me my username is virgin-a340 many thanks
      1. Kesh
        As soon as my game is repaired, i'll add you. Currently got new code, new game and waiting for restoration.
        17 September 2016
    17. Neil ellor
      Neil ellor
      Sent invites from my support games please accept
    18. Mal
      Could I add you as a neighbour. Biggles857. code a29icmc
    19. kirsty
      Hiya ive sent u a neighbour request
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  • About

    8 July 1977 (Age: 40)
    Phoenix, AZ
    • iPhone
    Friend Code:


    Game name: Kesh
    Friend code:
    New - 03bcgunw -L80 - please just let me know when you add me
    Items I can give: Pass (5), Fuel Catalyst, AI Bracelett, ATM, Pearl Earrings, Cockpit Glass, Welder, Travel Guide, Landing Lamp, Projector, Channel Bar, Passengers 10, Radio Transmitter, Video Wall, Laser Level, Anti-Theft Gate, Cognac, Fuel Supply, Jet Engine, Calculator, Fuel Additives, Insulation, Communication Antenna, Additional Radar, Makeup, Cash Counter, Spare Wire, Hull Parts, Passenger Seat, Oscillating Beacon, Flight Catering, Weather Display, Navigation Module, Transmitter, Fuel Hose, Altimeter, Spare Propeller, Deicer, Controler, Wireless Compass, Dryer, Blanket, Attitude Indicator, Screw Press, Fruit Lollipop, Earplugs, Boring Machine, bed, e-reader.
    VR headset, Sleeping Pill, Disinfecting Solution,
    Buildings you can visit: Planetarium x5, Astronaut academy, Training Center x 2, Launch pads 1, 2, 3, MC3 at the moment, 2 casinos
    5 Stadiums for visiting purposes available
    Would appreciate:

    E-Reader, Earplugs, Landing Lamp, VR-headset :), (in that order of priority), Osc. Beacon,

    !Kesh2 - 206terzz - not playing at the moment

    Cheers from Phoenix,AZ

    Edited on 08 Aug
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