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Helicopters are here - Possible bugs and improvements.

Discussion in 'Helicopter Bugs and Issues' started by must_dash, 6 December 2017.

  1. I tested the drop rate of items for upgrading H-buildings across my accounts:
    all in all... IT'S LESS THAN 1% (tested on windows version for 2 days, 600 taps on neighbor buildings made 2 items)!
    It's about the same as Alliance missions items drops. The lowest drop rate possible in the game.
    Either we are to buy items for banknotes or it's another glitch.
  2. I can not hit the h fuel station in neighbors town
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  3. zica

    zica 150+ Star Club

    Windows PC
    please PM
    i have also send 2 heli to the training flight the night before yesterday go to sleep...and 2 yesterday in the morning...and didn't count....i now have only 2 counted...first for the quest speedup with fuel h...and 1 counted in this morning...
    i also have sent several jet planes to Saint Petersburg,at least 8, and wasn't counted...my count freez at 37/55 until next star...

    send also 3 jet planes to Sydney this morning and wasn't counted

    you can see the screenshots before, with 3 planes send, and after few hours..same 13/55

    Airport City 12_10_2017 1_09_18 PM.pngAirport City 12_10_2017 8_19_13 AM.pngAirport City 12_10_2017 8_24_21 AM.png
    Last edited: 10 December 2017
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  4. i think this is a well known problem but very sad.. its not counting for stars but they remove the amount of items you need for the flight.. :(
  5. I have same problem but not at all neighbors. Doesn't matter if they have roads next to them or not. Anyone else?
  6. same by me
  7. Captain WH Rollins

    Captain WH Rollins 150+ Star Club Active Member

    Windows PC
    Captain WH Rollins
    Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen (Monday 11th December at 08.05am BST London)

    All my helicopters flights are being counted, I have just collected my first star skills for completing stage one helicopters flights to Yellowstone this morning.

    Captain WH Rollins
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  8. Dan

    Dan Active Member

    Dan's Small City
    You can't visit Madlen if you are not connected to the internet.

    Flights sped up with fuel are not counted towards increasing your flights that count towards your stars. This includes pressing the "complete" and "speed up for free" buttons within the active flights window when the flight is ready or within 30 seconds of completion.

    When purchasing a contract for fuel in the fuel station h, once it has been purchased can you automatically close the window just like the fuel station.

    Keep the gifts received in alphabetical order or give us the option to sort it ourselves a couple of different ways. About 9 months ago, for a very short time, when you searched for something in the received gifts those items stayed on the screen until you cleared what was in the search box. For example, if you wanted to find all the neighbors that had sent you a spare propeller that is what you would type into the search box and from there you could accept and return those items as much as you wanted. Now, if you want to receive and send a spare propellor in return you have to type in spare propeller in the search box, receive the gift, type again in the search box, and then return the gift. It would be very nice if what you typed in the search box kept all of those items on the screen again until you removed it from the search box.
    Last edited: 11 December 2017
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  9. greensmith

    greensmith Administrator 600+ Star Club VIP Flyer Administrator

    Waverly huff
    Waverly huff
    Ivan (Free2Play),
    The Helicopter passenger limit is confusing. Here's what I mean:
    The window says that the Level 4 Terminal H increases the maximum number of tourists by 28 (Maximum tourists: +28).
    But, as you can see, my maximum number of tourists is 28.
    Is the window correct and there is a bug in the maximum number of tourists I should have?
    Is the window incorrect -- and should say "to 28" rather than "by 28" -- and my maximum number of tourists (28) is correct?
    Helicopters are a great addition to the game. Congratulations to you and your team for creating this. For my money, this is much, much better than a Mission to Mars quest.
  10. Tsudaira

    Tsudaira Member

    iPad, iPhone
    Yep, having the same issues...should've completed my first star for training flight H today, but still on 0/5 rip
  11. Any one having trouble with resource base on windows click 4 items and sometimes only get 1 frustrating to say the least.
  12. Brycei

    Brycei Well-Known Member

    Windows PC
    The same error is happening to me. Someone forgot to do the translation before release.
  13. I think you will find it happened to everybody.
  14. No idea. If no one else says then it's unique!
  15. Minor bug - My maximum H fuel limit is 100, but when I visit certain neighbors, it displays as 200, and when visiting Madlen Airborn, it displays as 600.

  16. So does mine, but you cant use it when your visiting. As you say minor bug
  17. i think you are seeing there maximum, quickly grab it as quick as you can

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