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Getting thrown off a launch!

Discussion in 'Space Launch Questions' started by Disco, 5 January 2018.

  1. Disco

    Disco Active Member

    Windows Mobile
    A Disco
    Bit of a rant now....

    Joined a launch from a neighbour earlier. I checked on here and could see no mention of the launch from that player but I don't have many friends at the moment on this forum that I can see.

    Anyway, he/she had added 576 points (blue launch) I almost never overtake the leader but I do make sure I can get 3rd place at worst so added circa 136 points (can't remember exactly but its all I had without using main stabiliser which would take me close to his total) and then logged off. There were 23 hours to go when I logged off. I came on again about an hour later knowing that I had things I could add again only to find I have been booted from the launch.....

    Why/how is that fair? I get the etiquette that I've read on here. I'd hate it if someone overtook me but I'd make sure I couldn't be overtaken before starting one. I used the term "almost never" above. THat is the one occassion when after joining a launch almost immediately after someone else started, after 16 hours and me about to go to bed the "Captain" hadn't even added 500 points so I used my Powerful bolts and finished the launch to make sure i didn't waste what I had spent all day putting in.

    Like I say, get the etiquette but booting someone for no obvious reason is pretty distasteful..... if you got the bits you'd put in back i'd be happier, but you don't....

    I also get the benefit of following and joining a launch from this forum but most aren't on it..

    Its clearly a team game at that stage, hence you can join a launch but the fact you can then boot people off is really crap. Especially when you can't communicate with them to tell them why and or refund the points/equipment they have put in.

    Rant over.....
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  2. Dan

    Dan Well-Known Member

    Dan's Small City
    It could have been an accident. I have never booted any one so i don't know if there is a "are you sure?" popup that happens.

    When i first started launching i got booted a few times because i didn't know what i was doing and found myself in the middle of launch rings somehow and was taking other people's spots.

    I got booted once from a flight because i moved from third place to second place but was still well behind first place. Who ever it was didn't like it and they failed to realize that both second and third get the same rewards.

    I have had horrible internet before and foolishly started a flight. Some times you come back a few hour's later and the flight has launched with me in 4th place and 0 points added.

    It happens.

    Find a reliable neighbor to launch with. The best would be one that starts a flight about the time that you would want to and routinely does it every 24 hours. Add 12 points and always get 2nd place. Build up your points then start your own launches.
  3. Steveb

    Steveb 150+ Star Club

    I have a red on the pad with a Ql if you want to join in mate
  4. Disco

    Disco Active Member

    Windows Mobile
    A Disco
    Thanks for your replies and kind offers. I don't have red yet so can't join but thank you for the kind offer.
  5. LjGibbs

    LjGibbs 150+ Star Club VIP Flyer Active Member

    Windows PC
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  6. Jostein

    Jostein Active Member

    @Disco , Send me a friend request for future launches :)
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  7. Disco

    Disco Active Member

    Windows Mobile
    A Disco
    thanks you. Request sent
  8. Mudchute

    Mudchute Member

    Hi, in relation to yours experience, I was thrown off of a launch, by @jeanmi13 (probably not here), after several hours of collecting things, with more than 400 points from my side. Quite frustrating
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  9. david smith

    david smith 150+ Star Club Active Member

    Android, Windows PC
    209aba02, 20862zbj,04rn9r1c,20xwk96h
    GMRDR,GMRDR3,DS2, g reeper
    Sent invite from g reeper
  10. Happy Helen

    Happy Helen Well-Known Member

    Android, iPad
    Happy Helen
    I’ve been dumped off a red launch?


    I was enjoying helping?

    Who is @Fuel LANDING LAMP please?
  11. No idea, but hopefully he is NOT your neighbour now!
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  12. If you're launching with non forum neighbors that's your problem. It's a crapshoot otherwise
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  13. Jon Allen

    Jon Allen 350+ Star Club VIP Flyer

    I think you were very unlucky.
    I prefer to join launches of neighbors who are forum members but timing wise it does not always work out. I've been kicked out of only one launch for no apparent reason so I just dropped them as neighbors.
    I'll send you a friend request, not that I start very many red launches.
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  14. Mudchute

    Mudchute Member

    That is the problem, on my stage it takes a lot of time to recognize who knows the rules and is on the forum and who doesn't. I am trying to complete green launch collection and recently was hijacked twice in a row. I just think that for some launches means gambling...
  15. Marine

    Marine Active Member

    The only launch that I have been a part of was one that I started. One of my neighbors hijacked it and I have been afraid to try again. I think that I may try find others in the future to hitch a ride on their flights before I lead a launch again.
  16. Try to get as many forum neighbors as you can. Read the guides section to know the rules. Keep an eye on the launches thread, and try joining launches that are advertised there. You will learn a lot!
    When I started using the forum, I marked all forum neighbors as “favorites “. That helped me knowing if a launch was started by a forum member or not. Since then I never got kicked out of a launch again :)
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  17. uschu

    uschu Active Member

    Some time ago I did hijack a launch by accident and I been kicked out.
    Since I am more carefull where I join.
    However, if you will be hijacked again by the same friend again, you should think of kicking him out of that lauch an maybe even delete him from your friends list.
    Somebody who does it more often, is no friend!
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  18. jmsammons415

    jmsammons415 150+ Star Club Active Member

    iPad, iPhone
    jms items needed
    Marine, I launch almost daily and if you want to send me a friend request I'd be happy to let you launch with us. It's mostly our alliance members launching but if you are playing by the rules always happy to have another person to get the rocket in the air quickly. Happy New Year.

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