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16 November 2018 at 17:53
29 November 2017
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6 February 1980 (Age: 38)

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Well-Known Member, Male, 38

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16 November 2018 at 17:53
    1. Captain WH Rollins
      Captain WH Rollins
      Your signature shows you need Sliding Table Saw x 4 - if this is correct, I will start gifting from tomorrow morning - Regards Captain WH Rollins
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      2. Disco
        Sorry I need to update it! I will try to later when home!
        16 October 2018
    2. Chon
      I send you neighbor request
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    6 February 1980 (Age: 38)
    • Windows Mobile
    Friend Code:
    A Disco


    Signature updated:- 17th October 2018
    Operating System:- Windows Phone
    My Game Name:- ADisco
    My Friend Code:- 23igolyq Please PM me first
    Game Status Level:- 73 Star Skills:- 243 Hearts:- 9

    Priority Flight/Other Items needed please in order of importance:

    Landing Lamp
    Fuel (20 units)
    Additional Radar
    Attitude Indicator
    Chocolate Candies

    Building Items needed in order of importance:

    Laser Rangefinder x 1
    Stabilised Binoculars x 1
    Edge Banding Machine x 4
    Boring Machine x 3
    Hammer Drill x 3
    Glazing Machine x 5
    Screw Presses x 5

    If you send me any other gifts (like unwanted lower level building items) I will send them back to you when and if I can but will prioritise those sending the items above. I am happy to try and help you out if you PM me with your requirements.

    I can gift:
    Fire Extinguisher, Hardness Tester, Horn Antenna, Office Chair, Arch Metal Detector, Fuel Catalyst, Bath Towel, Imprinter, Pearl Earings, Paint, Welder, Tour Review, Spiked Tire, Landing Lamp, Dispatcher Console, Sandbag, Fuel (20), Powerful Radio Transmitter, Video Wall, Robot Tester, Guestbook, Cognac, Fuel Supply, Aircraft Tire, Whiteboard, Fuel Additives, Drill Machine, Solar Cell, Additional Radar, Perfume, Amperemeter, Spare Wire, Server Rack, Landing Gear, Oscillating Beacon, Flight Catering, Cooling Chamber, Navigation Module, Master Plan, Fuel Hose, Altimeter, Spare Propeller, Deicer, Grinding Machine, Wireless Compass, Dryer, Blanket, Attitude Indicator, Tunnel Freezer, Earplugs, Fruit Lollipop, Hammer Drill, Bed, E-Reader, Pilot Headset, Head-up Display, VR Headset, Sleeping Pill, Pitot Tube, VSI, Air Shower, Ultrasonic Flaw Detector, Laser Rangefinder, Holographic Display, Smart Glass, Differential Relay, Lamp Shade, Hydraulic Cylinder, Autopilot

    Thank you very much!