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Easter Cheer 2019 - Award

Discussion in 'Airport City Quests and Star Club forum' started by Husam, 15 April 2019.

  1. Please post a picture (screenshot) of the completion page or of the award.
    Eatser Cheer 2019.jpg
    Last edited: 15 April 2019
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  2. I think you're wanting pics from the Easter event, instead of the Eatser event. :p
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  3. Finished thanks to a lot of leftovers from last year - but those bunnies just didn't want to give up their leaves! :D One game down - two to go. :watching::watching::greedy::greedy:

    Easter Cheer 2019.JPG
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  4. Easter cheer 4.2019.jpg
    Completed, thanks for the reward.
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  5. Completed, thanks for the reward.SmartSelect_20190416-143833_Airport City.jpg
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  6. Screenshot_2019-04-16-08-39-44.jpg
    Thanks for the badge...
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  7. Completed .. thanks for the reward

    Attached Files:

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  8. Here is mine thanks
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  9. Darina

    Darina Active Member

    Windows PC
    I quickly celebrated in this event :). Thanks for the award.
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  10. As @crescent moon said those rabbits really like to hide their leaves. :cool:

    ss (2019-04-16 at 11.26.05).jpg
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  11. CompletedScreenshot_2019-04-16-20-52-46-416.jpeg
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  12. ---
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  13. Completed
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  14. Completed, thanks in advance for the rewardScreenshot_20190416-215730_Airport City.jpg
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  15. Completed too. Thanks!Screenshot_20190417-084238_Airport City.jpg
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  16. Finished - Thanks in advance for the Award :)
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  17. upload_2019-4-17_0-11-58.png
    Event complete, thank you in advance for the badge. :D
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  18. Screenshot_20190417-092038.jpg

    Finished after nailing the last bunny. Thanks for the reward, just not a carrot!
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  19. Completed, thanks for the reward.
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  20. Hi, Event completed, Thank You !!


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