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Control Tower - All upgrades

Discussion in 'Trading Discussion' started by Gt city, 20 November 2016.

  1. Do u need more headsets?
  2. No,I'm good I forgot to mention.How many more walkies do you need?
  3. I need 3 flatwork ironers please
  4. I need 4 wakies
  5. Ok..i will send u..
  6. I have sent you today 1 walkie,please don't tell me that you got something different again :arghh:
  7. My warehouse is full..may b i will receive it later.. dont b afraid this time bro..(y)
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  8. uschu

    uschu Active Member

    Desperately lookingfor 4x T-Squares. Can somebody help me out?
  9. Eddie the Eagle

    Eddie the Eagle Active Member

    Windows PC
    Hi There,
    I can send you Fingerprint Reader.
    I need 3 demodulator / 2 F. Reader / 2 L. Rangefinder
    Happy flying
  10. I can now send protractors.
  11. Can you send me drawing boards? Thank you. I'll keep sending what is in your profile name.
  12. Sure I will! Please let me know if you find someone who can send T-square! ;)
  13. Can anyone send T-square or Drawing Board for Control Tower Level 10??
  14. AIR RDAM has it in his signature, but don't know if it is updated. I don't know anyone who can send T-square. I have been getting mine from flights to Helsinki.
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  15. Thanks! He used to have drawing board but upgraded his tower and can't send it anymore :(
    Maybe I should start sending flights to Helsinki too!! Wish my video option worked.. :(
  16. Sorry, I must be drunk and sent you wrong gift :(
    How many drawing board do you need?
  17. I have all 10. Thanks.
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  18. Teboho

    Teboho 150+ Star Club Active Member

    Android, Windows PC
    Tair *item I require*
    Good day everyone can I get help with these supplies
    Control Tower Level 9:
    Infrared Camera x 6
    Motion Sensor x 3 (I can gift)
  19. Just building control tower 9. Can gift observation drones for the next 7 days only.
  20. Anyone able to send Ergonomic keyboards for L11 Control Tower? I can send LED Lamps.
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