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Android Translation errors

Discussion in 'Airport City Bugs, Glitches & Errors' started by Le petit prince, 7 August 2018.

  1. You are born 200 years too late for that. Remember that Belgium was once part of France, under Napoleon. Probably we picked up the French words then.
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  2. ah ah ! I often think so ! I am not in the right century !

    it is more than likely ! you are right !
  3. CajsaMacD

    CajsaMacD VIP Flyer

    Hehe! I sincerely hope GI will never attempt to do a Swedish version! Having seen enough horrific translation errors in other software translated into Swedish, I have no doubt I would have to stick to English or get a nervous breakdown. There are in fact a few grammar error in the English version of the game, which I haven't even bothered to report because I can live with them and because I expect their response will be the same as when you report a game issue: We have checked your game and there is nothing wrong with it (even when hundreds of users have reported the same issue here in the forum and elsewhere).
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  4. Off topic....it’s funny you say that...stores here in Japan use google translate all the time ... to translate to English....results are hilarious.
    Here are a few... https://www.pinterest.com/jparbon/funny-japanese-signs/
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  5. Free2Play

    Free2Play Airport City Developer VIP Flyer Active Member

    Android, iPad, iPhone, Facebook, Windows PC
    We're supposedly paying money for native speakers to do translations for every language we support, but of course there're mistakes here and there. There're 1500+ side missions, thousands of collectible items, etc. and all that is translated into 12 languages as of now with every update. If you see an error — please post to this thread or file a ticket to support team.
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  6. For example, the famous Attitude Indicator, is not "Orizonte articiciale" (which is never French but italian) in French, it is "Indicateur de Virage" :D !
  7. In Portuguese they put the same translation “Horizonte Artificial”, which seems ok, according to this photo below
    And I googled “horizon artifficiel” and obtained the same type of photos (edited)
  8. Yes ! It would be "Horizon Artificiel" ! but not "Orizonte Artificiale", because it is not French !
  9. here another one, "Slimme Spijkerbroek" should be "Slimme (Sport)schoenen"
  10. I had found another error which i reported to GI, they had "Suspenders" translated as "Jarretels" in "I sharpened my axe", they fixed that to "Bretels" in this new version, so they do listen :)
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  11. This is a couple of month old post but somehow I just found out this.
    If you are paying for native speakers for translation, I would suggest you kick the Korean translators ass!!
    I can put up with some strange translations, but the translation for "fruit lollipop" is written in Japanese!!
    I think you guys better use Google translate. It will be far much better than your paid Korean translator.
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  12. It was done inHouse by us. Tag @Husam . Maybe need to check where the error is.
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  13. I know, and I'm taking care of Korean there ;)
    Just wanted the game to have the right word for it.
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  14. Sorry for commenting in an old thread again, and tagging you Free2Play, but I wanted to share translation error with you.
    Screenshot_20181204-234801_Airport City.jpg
    When you send gifts, you can see a simple description of the gift under the name of the item. For Earplugs and Fruit Lollipop, you have the names in Korean but the description is in Japanese. I pointed out that the name of Fruit Lollipop was written in Japanese about a month ago and got it fixed. But now the descriptions are in Japanese. This might be a simple mistake, but this is quite offending to us.
    Please do check and have your language pack team pay more attention to it.

    I don't know whether this was in the game for awhile or happened with the latest update since I usually play in English.

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