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Le petit prince
31 May 2018
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    1. Zahid Hassan Tushar
      Zahid Hassan Tushar
    2. AMG
      Welcome Le petit prince on airport city game .
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    Petit prince


    Signature Updated:- Thursday 17/01/2019
    Operating System:- android
    My Game Name:- Le petit prince
    My alliance: - TransWay
    Level:- 78 Stars :- 284 Hearts:- 9

    If you want to exchange gifts, please send me a pm.

    Items I need for buildings:

    items for terminal level 10 (currency detector, document detector, lie detector, explosives detector)
    items for control tower level 10 (technical pen, protractor, T-square, drawing board)

    Items I need for flights: see in-game name

    Special gifts I can send (besides the standard items):
    Ultrasonic flaw detector| technical pen | lie detector | office chair | fuel (3 units) | disposable shampoo | ATM | paint | welder | album | massive spotlight | copy machine | sand bag | passengers (10) | video wall | spaceship engine | guest book | aircraft tyre | stapler | pearl earrings | power source | optical system | cash counter | server rack | passenger seat | cognac | cooling chamber | city model | gyroscope | white gold bracelet | controller | washing machine | tunnel freezer | hammer drill | air shower
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