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Three starred all helicopters and got all the buildings - Now what?

Discussion in 'Helicopter Bugs and Issues' started by Blue Aero, 9 July 2018.

  1. The other day I finished three starring all of the helicopter flights and got all the buildings from completing the collections - now what? I keep the sparrows for the daily missions (send / complete flights) although the other ones currently all they are doing is taking up room. The helicopters are neat although if they are not of practical use I would just as soon as get rid of them and free up room --- also not being able to place the production buildings for helicopter parts into storage needs to be changed - if I could place them in storage like the others (even for 400,000 coins that some buildings cost) I would do so.
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  2. I have also 3 starred all helicopters

    Iā€™m currently slowly making resources so I have about 1000 of each in anticipation that there may be some more helicopters flights in the future.

    No idea what to do with the buildings as they cannot be our into storage, I was thinking of selling to free up space but not to sure as they are all airport side.
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  3. The same here :D
    @Blue Aero if you really need the space in your airport you can sell some of Heli pad.
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  4. Something that one could do is if they need flight items or repair items, they could fly there. I have been getting good drops from Ig Falls. The first crossbill flight.

    Those who posted here probably don't need to do that, but those reading this post may need them.
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