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Need tactıks

Discussion in 'Airport City Guides' started by onurkübra, 12 September 2017.

  1. hello everybody. ı am 50lvl and have 85 stars. ı have 2 padh. ı am trying add neighbours who make launch with ql and try make many launch( blue and green). ı have 6 hangars and 7 planes ( insede reserve hangar) ı have turborop, 2 x jet, 2 delta, powerfull delta and jumbo. ı collect fuel and map (from green launch) and landing lamp.
    ı have own alliance with my friends. ı cry 30k. ppl in a week. ıts my
    now what should ı do in game?
    especially preparation launch( green) ( complate collection for start launch ). should ı fly always cape caravanel or souht and north obsertavory). what is ur idea or tactıks. thaks everybody
  2. Teboho

    Teboho 150+ Star Club Active Member

    Android, Windows PC
    Tair *item I require*
    One of the things that I do when I visit my neighbours is to tap the launch pads, solid fuel stations, planetarium, mccs andbalien legacies for collectible items. This is my two cents worth of information
  3. ı do always like that. thanks
  4. Clicking in Alien Legacy monuments will only give you coins. I don't think they drop anything except in your own neighborhood.

    Casinos, Mints, and Banks also drop good non space items but for lower level players getting the space stuff is a much better way to go in my opinion

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