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Join the 150+, 350+, ... and up to 1200+ Star Club

Discussion in 'Airport City Quests and Star Club forum' started by Dave, 21 January 2015.

  1. I am not sure why I seek this recognition but I would like to thank the very helpful neighbors and forum friends for which I would not be close to achieving this accomplishment. @Husam @Teboho @Madge59230 @Natholian1 @mo elbo @crescent moon @Etshk -- short list and there are many more but these neighbors are always there to answer questions (even dumb ones), hop on a space launch (adding QLs - mo!), and to give advice in 3 starring, adventure flights, pax vs oil, and well, as you know it goes on and on..... Just wanted to say thanks!!!

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  2. Great job and welcome anytime
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  3. Always a pleasure to help forum memebers and believe it ore not a few years ago i was were you are right now .
    But thanks to some of the wonderfull players that are on the forum helping others achieve theyre goals iam were iam right now
    its realy great to achieve a certain goal now 150stars before you know it will be 500 ore more .
    Congrats on the achievement of 150 stars :cool:(y)(y)(y)
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  4. Zahid Hassan Tushar

    Zahid Hassan Tushar Active Member

    ZHT [Item i need urgently]
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  5. Thank you ;)
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  6. Congratulation (y) and welcome to the [​IMG] star club.
    I add the reward badge just wait one of the admins @Cosmic Blue @Gt city will change the banner and add small star next to your name.
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  7. C10B95B5-6104-48EF-ABD4-4BC138F443F0.png
    Just celebrating my first anniversary with the forum. And as a gift to myself I have just passed the 350 stars.

    I would have stopped playing a long time ago if I had not joined the forum. You guys helped me realise the depth of the game and your guidance has allowed me to take a great deal of pleasure from playing.

    Thanks everyone. (y)
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  8. RicoB92

    RicoB92 Active Member

    A A EarplugF20
    350+ :D

    Attached Files:

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  9. JayBee

    JayBee 350+ Star Club VIP Flyer Active Member

    JayJay(+urgent item needs)
    Just realized I have 350+ stars.
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  10. @andy8758 @JayBee
    Congratulations and welcome to the [​IMG] club (y)
    I add the 350 star to reward just wait for the admin @Cosmic Blue @Gt city to change your banner and the small star next to your name.
    Well done guys (y)
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  11. Neil ellor

    Neil ellor 900+ Star Club

    Android, iPad, iPhone
    Captain tneil, Ne2, Captain Ne2
    Captain tneil, Ne2, a9j5jcc
    046F489B-5C93-4DBA-B14E-CC6C8BD6C6CE.png Can you update me to 900 stars please?
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  12. Cosmic Blue

    Cosmic Blue Administrator Active Member

    Windows PC
    yarcb (windows pc)

    Banner and star upgraded, congratulations on a great achievement.
  13. Good evening to all
    Was wondering about the 1200+ stars award if it existes id like one please
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  14. Congratulation that was awesome :woot: well done (y)
    Admins @Cosmic Blue @Gt city will change the banner for you.
  15. Thanks husam
    thanks to the event i added quiet some stars to the count and passed the 1200
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  16. Gt city

    Gt city Administrator 800+ Star Club Administrator Active Member

    Android, iPad
    Gt city 5 | Gt city 3
    New banner added. Well done! What an achievement (y)(y):cool:
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  17. Thanks for the nice banner :cool:(y)
  18. A398B48E-4973-4EF3-8248-254A9FEE6839.jpeg Finally reached 500 stars :cool:
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  19. Cosmic Blue

    Cosmic Blue Administrator Active Member

    Windows PC
    yarcb (windows pc)
    banner and star updated excellent achievement.
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