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Holiday Rush 2018

Discussion in 'Airport City News' started by Husam, 3 December 2018.

  1. The last 2 events burned up all my fuel and I see this one designed to just burn more up fast. Nope nope nope. I'm skipping this one. Not worth the time.
  2. Navigata07

    Navigata07 150+ Star Club Active Member

    Top Monthly Post Winner

    It could be a fuel guzzler for sure, but it depends on how your fleet is looking. This event is geared towards those who have variety in their fleet. I'm currently flying one plane to each of the 4 remaining destinations, but will probably up the ante sometime this weekend to get all 10. Im trying to avoid using fuel as well.
  3. Hello,
    I think that burning fuel is a most this time unless one has a significant number of Spy Glasses. I started the long haul flights without SP and the drop rate was very low. I had to start burning fuel then. Have in mind that you need 10 collectibles of each to get the award. Personally me, I found very useful the sale of 2000 fuel which, in any case, were not, by far, enough. To compensate this, I think that getting at least one MSB is very affordable for any level player.

  4. Arggers

    Arggers VIP Flyer 150+ Star Club Active Member

    Android, Windows PC
    Presume you can let all your planes land (eg overnight), but just activate spyglass before clicking on them (eg first thing in the morning)?
  5. Gemini

    Gemini Active Member

    Please PM
    For the mugs, you could also use the event bowl of riches (same effect than the spyglass, but for one hour only).

    I was right now in a configuration with all flights landed (3TP, 2 delta, 1 Power delta, 1 Jumbo).
    I got one mug per aircraft, except TP (1 on the 3). So pretty efficient.
    I was doubting at first to manage the event, but now I have no doubts.

    (Just compute to have the MBS, and then use the additional flakes for Bowls)

    PS : as suggested, you could buy the bowl or activate the spyglass when the planes are landed already.
    It will apply when validating the landing.
  6. Yes, using a Spy Glass for this reward this time, not the greatest of buildings, seems wasteful. I have already used one and I regret it.

    So I am following the advice above: get the 10,000 for the mystery building, then try to build up enough to use that 1500 bowl of riches once or twice. Even with that I am skeptical that it’s going to happen for me. I will miss the badge more than I will the building :(

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  7. amir77a

    amir77a Active Member

    How did you finish the event?

    I have 5 planes which are flying like mad dogs all day long to the event destinations, but still I have only one mug set.

    How can I improve the chances of getting the mug items?
  8. I am similar - I am at 6,6,5,7,10 so could be tight!
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  9. I need 5 from China, but have 2 planes!
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  10. How do you get so many mugs from Cape Town??? I was thinking it will be easy, as it says it should drop "often", but after 23 flights I have 2 mugs, so less than 10% :D All together I am 7-5-9-10-2, no bonuses thus far.
  11. I have three jumbos, and am always glad to use them as 2 are S1's and 1 a jumbo ranger, so I won't sell them - an event that uses jumbos is a bonus. That is why I am struggling with the other types more!
  12. Same as @ItsRalphy but mine are 3 jumbo rangers. Lovely planes.
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  13. I have two of them, but I thought "often" will be around 50-60%, not 10%.
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  14. If only!
  15. The Bowl of Riches is your friend
  16. I got 15 mugs from Africa in two days. It’s Paris that is hosing me.
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  17. Bowl of Riches and some fuel is enough to get all 10 in less than 40 mins. This is how I completed mine.

    I won’t bother for the MSB as I was really busy this time.
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  18. M22

    M22 900+ Star Club VIP Flyer Active Member

    04ql4o2y (main tablet game) + ao5i9f7 (phone game)
    Drops are about 3 in 4 or slightly less using spyglass except for the US one which isn't often.
  19. A Robbie Airport

    A Robbie Airport 500+ Star Club Active Member

    A Robbie Airport
    A Robbie Airport
    11 Cape Town flights no mugs, I have a different version of often than the game does. I'll punt on this one and collect mugs without using any fuel and bonuses. Make it easier for next year.
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  20. I've got my first Planetarium . Yeah!
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