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Helicopters is a loosing money activity

Discussion in 'Helicopter Building and Trading' started by amir77a, 22 July 2018.

  1. Sky captain is a Bonus you can activate if you collect several things (just search "sky captain" in the treasure chest on the Botton of your Airport).
    With this Bonus you get
    100% more flight experience
    100% more flight coins
    100% more Chance to find flight items

    This Bonus is activ for 24 hours
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  2. Agent_L

    Agent_L 350+ Star Club VIP Flyer

    Windows Mobile
    Agent L
    In game, your fun is the profit. Helicopters provide stars, new buildings and items necessary to fly and repair planes. That's your profit.
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  4. I just fly the helicopters for the stars. When I have the stars and all buildings once, I'll delete all helicopter stuff, so I have space for other stuff again :)
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  5. But I guess some buildings can't be removed, or am I wrong ? ?
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  6. Yes that's Right.
    H-terminal, Repair Base and gas Station can't be removed
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  7. thanks @hannoverfan for this useful information !
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  8. I believe the exact calculations would be a bit more than the simple math shown.
    First helis don't take a set number of resources for a flight. So for each destination you
    would need to get all possible resource combinations. From there you would want to calculate
    the average percentage each resource combination is called upon. Then you could get an
    average of what is made/lost. But yeah not the area of the game to accumulate coins.
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  9. For me, helicopters serve 3 purposes - first of all, stars! 2nd, they give quick little coin producers which come in handy for daily missions and don't take up much space (I don't have many commercial buildings in my airport), and 3rd, again - daily missions, send and receive flights. Plus, they're another challenge in the game, and that's pretty much what the game is all about - completing challenges.

    And (I forgot), as @Agent_L mentioned, they provide repair items.

    So, (in my opinion), you may lose a bit of coin using helicoptors, but their benefits far outweigh what they cost.
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  10. I agree stars and ease of completing daily missions.
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  11. teraph

    teraph Member

    Besides Sky Captain another bonus that makes helicopters profitable in coins is the "First Class" bonus that members of an alliance receive for completing between 50% and 70% of their assigned tasks.

    The first class bonus increases flight income by 50% and lasts for an entire week too. The cost of a helicopter flight is high but the return is also high. Normally they balance off but an extra 50% return is big as well and it's all gravy.
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  12. The daily tasks of flights sent and flights completed are easily done with helos, but my favourite is the flight sped up with fuel. Sending out a couple of cheapies on training flights is a monster win :).
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  13. Captain WH Rollins

    Captain WH Rollins 150+ Star Club Active Member

    Windows PC
    Captain WH Rollins
    Not all the helicopter related structures can be deleted, if I remember correctly. I'm sure someone has already mentioned this.

    Captain WH Rollins
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  14. Yeah I saw it, thanks! Still it's fine, only 3/4 buildings remain of the helicopter stuff, still means that I can remove about 20 2x2 buildings on my airport :D
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