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Android & iOS - Weekly Trading Thread - November 13, 2017

Discussion in 'Android & iOS' started by Gt city, 13 November 2017 at 05:48.

  1. Gt city

    Gt city Administrator 700+ Star Club Administrator Active Member

    Android, iPad
    Gt city 5 | Gt city 3
    To make the trading experience as easy as possible, please post the following details in your post and in your signature:

    Username/Friend Code
    In-Game Name
    Items Required
    Items You Can Send

    If you already have these details in your signature, please feel free to post "See Signature" or copy and paste your signature into the post.

    This thread will last for 1 week. After that, it will be closed and a new thread will be opened.
  2. Signature updated and a big thanks to all my neighbours for the recent gifts (y)

    Currently need 4x X-ray Flaw Detectors to complete my Level 7 Repair Base if anyone can help out?

    Thanks in advance ;)
  3. Level 7 Repair Base has been completed, thanks to all my forum neighbours that helped out :D

    Now looking to build my first Pharmaceutical Lab, can anyone help with the following items?

    10x Bioreactor, 6x Granulator, 8x Air Shower

    Thanks in advance (y)
  4. Hi neighbors,
    I am on a biz trip so I don't have two of my support games with me. Today (Wednesday) and tomorrow I will send out only 60 gifts so some of you will have to wait one day to have their gift returned. Thanks for your continuous support.
    In the meantime I've changed my preferences (both in my name and in my sig) to F20, Fuel Hose, Fuel Catalyst.
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