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What is QL Launch?

Discussion in 'Space Launch Questions' started by kelvint23, 7 March 2019.

  1. I know this sounds like a stupid question but what is QL launch anyway? Saw them in the launch thread prefix...
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  3. QL means Quantum Leap.
    You can use it for faster launching and return. Instead of 24 hours launch you can short that time to 2h 20min (90%).
    If you launch with your neighbors and they also have QL active the time will be shorter.
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  4. Teboho

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    When you activate a launch with this bonus the return time of the launch is reduced by 90%. It is active for 24 hours.

    Qls launches are done for a number of reasons:
    1. Fuel
    2. Gold tokens (red launches)
    3. Silver tokens (all colours)
    4. Coins
    5. Experience
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  5. Screenshot_20190307-233015.jpg 1ql = 2.20h -sometimes 2.40h
    2ql = 14 minutes
    3ql = 1 minute and some secounds
    4ql = you launch the rocket and you can land it - 0 secounds

    p.s. you can fly allone 14 min
    so start rocket before you ql end, 2.40h
    when you use new ql, you will be back in 14 min.
    best one to get free ql is to fly with turboprops for collections from destonations which you become for 1st place on green rocket
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  6. Dont forget the maps that drop from these launches if you fly in 1st place
    These maps are the key to getting other QLs by flying green -blue ore red destenations
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