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iOS Understandable high amount peb

Discussion in 'Airport City Questions' started by Kevin1010, 9 August 2018.

  1. The droprates on visit decreased drasticly to a bare minimum making it hardly possible to save any stock .
    what you get is used instantly and not enoughf to even consider putting aside
    unless using greens to buy from dukestore and flying hundreds of flights to baikonur ore north observatory you are getting nowhere (launchwise)
    The advantage we weteran players have is we did stock up on rescources over the years and when properly managed you can build upon these stocks and then there are the hundreds of bonusses saved when the store was hit by good bugs .
    And not too forget the best thing AC has ever introduced the CBM buildings tha saved us hundreds if not thousands off real dollars "euro's"
    The new game play after all the update and fixes has changed this game so that in order to advance in every aspect you need to invest real money and lots off time . and that is something everybody has too decide for themselfs if is worth it
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  2. Yeah - I only used the GD a few times before they tweaked that. I guess 75-100 boxes will gove you quite a few of them over time

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