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Solid Fuel burn launches

Discussion in 'Space Launch Questions' started by Arggers, 15 May 2018.

  1. Arggers

    Arggers VIP Flyer 150+ Star Club Active Member

    Android, Windows PC
    Just wondered whether anyone had ever thought of doing a launch purely for a Solid Fuel burn?

    1) Only allowed to use Solid Fuel (to reduce stocks until GI do something sensible about it) except for the launcher, who also puts in a Liquid Fuel to take captain.
    2) All are welcome - perhaps 50/60 people
    3) Speed isn't of the essence - would rather take 23hrs 59 and use up stocks rather than be speedy?

    I'm sure somebody can tell me why it's not a good idea?
  2. I think that's a cool, humorous idea. I'd be in just for the giggle. 23 hours to load and I'm sure someone will turn with a ql or 2!
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  3. JayBee

    JayBee 350+ Star Club VIP Flyer Active Member

    JayJay(+urgent item needs)
    I would love to get rid of some Solid Fuel...but it seems no one likes to launch slowly...each time I try to do slow launch for that purpose others come along and rush the launch.... unless I host from my support that has very limited neighbors.

    I’m sure that some will want to add more than solid fuel because besides captain they will want to secure the other top places.
  4. So the person who opens has to keep throwing them off till the message is learnt. End up with more off than on. Hehe . How many people would you need? Maths not my strong point. Simultaneous 1 cosmic fuel except opener, so no time to add more.
  5. That is the best idea ever! Count me in!!!
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  6. Max numbers 300. Limit in neighbours.
    • 100x12=1200 – starter puts in 400
    • 125x12=1500 – starter puts in 500
    • 200x12=2400 – starter puts in 600
  7. This was already tried in the forum, check

    Using only solid fuel and a minimum effort it should be needed
    Around 20 players committed to put 1 unit solid fuel every 2 hours during a 12 to 14 hour period

    If 15 people use say 7 solid fuel, then each contributes with 7x 12= 84 points
    The total would be 15x84=1260
    For 20 people the total would be 1680
    So a number between 15 to 20 players would be adequate :cool:

    A much more interesting event would be to find 105 people who would be willing to put a single solid fuel at almost the same time :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

    Of course for blues or reds the numbers are much larger
  8. Seems like a great idea. However, a question from the newbie, what difference does it make if there is a lot of solid fuel stored?? o_O
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  9. For those who don’t have the 100 limit, it’s indifferent
    However, if you do have the 100 item limit, you desperately need to consume solid fuel (as well as everything else) in order to stay below 100
    But many launches with forumers are launched within 2 hours (in fact within much less than that)Which, btw, is the replenish time for solid fuels. So, in most cases you can only use one piece of solid fuel per launch...
  10. Wait a sec, some of us have no limit on items stored and some do?
  11. All those who start playing before a fixed date (I can’t remember, somewhere mid 2017) don’t have the 100 item limit.
    Some of those who started playing after that date (although very few) managed to have their limit canceled (hey insisted with GI and I don’t know for certain which arguments they’ve used)
    I don’t have the 100 limit on my main, but have it on my supports
  12. Arggers

    Arggers VIP Flyer 150+ Star Club Active Member

    Android, Windows PC
    Or not. If you ignore the 2 hour launch time - you've got 24 hours - then people can put up to 12 in... realistically maximum of 11.

    The very point is that it's not rushed, and done slowly in order to use up supplies. Everyone knows the rules, and if you break them you're out.

    Say 25 players @ 7 each is 175 fuel x 12 pts each is 2,100pts. Plenty for a blue.

    For a green, you have 19 players putting in 7 each = 133 fuel x 12 pts = 1596. Captain puts 4 pts in to take it to launch.

    I know it's only 7 at a time but at least it's an opportunity to use them
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  13. Arggers

    Arggers VIP Flyer 150+ Star Club Active Member

    Android, Windows PC
    None, really. Am really just thinking of a way to have an opportunity to use them...they'll only gather dust otherwise...
  14. I know. But in most cases people are not interested in spending much time with launches.
  15. I agree. Better idea to put all in one go, then do it again, and again, and again. 2ql how many in an hour. That's lots of fuel burnt. You let it run, you'll be jumped 100% sure.
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  16. Dafsade

    Dafsade VIP Flyer Active Member

    PM me :)

    I thought about this ! And I wanted to do it ! But never did it because I do other things, but I think it is a good idea !
    Yet, it requires a good organization : I think those who agree with that should join a group (a private thread in this forum), and define who will be captain, when launch will start and finish. I think captain should put in much more than other, otherwise, it would be unfair !

    Anyway, i think it is a good idea ! there are QL Parties, there could be Solid Fuel Parties !
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  17. What happens when you have 1 first who outs in more than anyone, and 30 people who all put in the same? Does everyone get second or is it in order of putting it in. That's a bit pot luck. Have to be quick off the draw
  18. Jan0987

    Jan0987 150+ Star Club VIP Flyer

    I would join. I'm always at 99 to 100 Solid Fuel, and rarely get to use more than 1 per launch. (Sometimes, if I start a launch and there is an open 3rd, 4th, or 5th place, I will let it linger for 15-30 minutes with 12 more points left to go, so somebody can join and just add a Solid Fuel and get an inexpensive 3rd, 4th, or 5th place.)
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  19. teraph

    teraph Member

    I would join a slow burn launch.

    I sometimes launch with a non-forum friend but, especially with the worry of hijackers, they always rush it as well. However, that usually leaves me too low on bigger fuel items to make a worthwhile contribution to forum launches.

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