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Share your top 3 weekly rank

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by Husam, 13 August 2018.

  1. 8.4.19 Husam 1st red launch.jpg
    Many thanks to everyone support me and join me in this Red launch party it was amazing week.
    Just sometimes i feel alone doing the launch and that time it was boring because many doing green launch event week.
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  2. 8.4.19 Husam3 1st Busan.jpg
    Again for second time 1st place last week and this week ;) i am lucky :D
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  3. Another timeScreenshot_20190408-082710_Airport City.jpg
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  4. 1st in Dubai

    Attached Files:

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  5. I was 3rd in Antarctic last week. Only two flights away from 2nd place, but I have to sleep, right :confused:
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  6. Great job congratulation :woot: the first new record ;)
    I saw Timothy in the top left :joyful:
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  7. Haha you see everything
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  8. 15.4.2019 Husam2 Ankara 2nd.jpg15.4.2019 Husam3 1st Busan.jpg
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  9. Last week Barcelona

    Attached Files:

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  10. Darina

    Darina 150+ Star Club

    Windows PC
    For the first time in the top three.Monterrey.
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  11. First!!!
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  12. Last week, 2nd in Las Vegas.
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  13. Last week’s winner on Stockholm flight !

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  14. 3rd place in Nizza

    Attached Files:

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  15. Husam2 and Husam3
    22.4.2019 Husam2 3rd Dushanbe.jpg
    22.4.2019 Husam3 2nd Tehran.jpg
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  16. Tough battle last week, but did it! 1st in Vladivostok.
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  17. First place in Quito :whistle:

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  18. 6.5.2019 aliance 1st.jpg
    I would like to share 1st place in weekly alliance Rank with my team it was my first time to do that.
    First thanks to all my team ... guys that was awesome :woot:
    Thanks to Pinok and Hans and Liam they join my alliance to support and in the end they leave the alliance to give chance for others to take the rewards.
    Thanks to all alliance leaders they give me the chance to be 1st place specially Goldeneye and Pinokkio and Rainbowww i know they can pass me (y)
    Thanks for one of my team who ask to replace him with another player to support @SactoDave he is the real owner for MiRoSaGo allaince.
    I received many messages from a friends they offer me if i need help they can join and support when i lost my 1st place in last 2 days i want to thank them all.
    Those my friends from long time and i am proud of them.
    men of honor leave his 1st place in the end thank you and i received a message from him with his friend. the moment we are happy in 2nd place.
    Now the big surprise is that 2 players join my alliance 2 weeks back, i dont know who they are i am sure not a forum members i am happy they did a good job when they join and give the maximum i am now trying to contact them and thank them.
    Now in the end i did everything dream about it in this game many 1st places ;)
    One 4 all and all 4 one
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  19. I guess competing against myself isn't always good - but it worked out. (This screenshot was taken a few hours before reset, but placement was the same.)
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  20. And my support games got in the act this week, too.
    Crscnt3 - Taipai
    Taipai 5-5 Crscnt3.JPG

    And fuel4nites - Fortaleza
    Fortaleza 5-5 fuel4nites.JPG
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