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General Next event

Discussion in 'Airport City Questions' started by Spork, 10 February 2019.

  1. any guesses on when??
  2. Cosmic Blue

    Cosmic Blue Administrator Active Member

    Windows PC
    yarcb (windows pc)
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  3. @Spork If we're getting 2 Valentines events, my guess it will be closer to Monday or Tuesday. But I'm usually wrong, so we'll see. :D:D:D
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  4. You were right, I see the 1st available on android but not windows yet....thanks!
  5. Windows has been out for a couple of hours. Maybe refresh your available downloads list? It’s a 2-week event with another valentines themed event due to follow afterwards.
  6. I misspoke I meant I don't see it in IOS.

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