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iOS How To Remove Reserve Hangar

Discussion in 'Airport City Questions' started by cacster, 29 November 2016.

  1. cacster

    cacster New Member

    Hi Everyone,

    I would seriously appreciate any advice...

    After I have searched these forums (and google, in general) extensively - I cannot find a solution.

    The intention was to always play the game legitimately, without any cheats or add-ons. Hence, land is at a premium.

    There was a mistake made. I should not have bought a reserve hangar. Its useless (at least at where I am up to in the game), and taking up valuable space.

    A simple question...

    How do I remove the reserve hangar?
  2. I believe it is one of the buildings that can not be removed. You can try to either store it or sell it,
    if neither works as stated it can not be removed.
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  3. Once you build alliance headquarters also it cant be sold or stored or removed. There seems to be other buildings I'd like to rid myself of lol. Is it really worth it to gain when and if you collect enough items; coins from duty free???
  4. The only solution is to start a new game.
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  5. Robby Kusuma

    Robby Kusuma Well-Known Member

    You will need it.
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  6. Post a screenshot of your airport side, and maybe we can give you some alternative solution.
    e.g. Catering Facility, Fuel Station, Power Plants can be moved to residential.
    Remove redundant runway?
    Space saving tips?
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  7. Space saving: Remember not all buildings need a road. With careful grouping you can use 1 square of road to service several buildings.
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  8. YOu can check my city. It has lots of rooms but I optimised space as well for my growth needs.
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  9. Other options include:
    Optimising your power stations. The basic one give 6 power per square and the wind turbine only 10, the '9 green' solar give 48 per single square and a coal station gives 60 for a 4 square block..
    Selling your lower class runways.
    Selling less efficient duplicate buildings, do you NEED 4 grocery stores.
    Getting rid of all decorative gardens and bushes. The permanent ones can be moved to fill a 'dead' square that has no road access.
    On IOS you can click the cog wheel then the green 'matrix' and you can look for hidden empty spaces.

    Really be very harsh about what you really need to be efficient.

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  10. Agent_L

    Agent_L 350+ Star Club VIP Flyer

    Windows Mobile
    Agent L
    Decorations are very important, because they boost passenger production.
    Coin producers are totally useless, on the other hand. In the long term you don't need ANY of them.
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  11. Agreed! I have a bunch of coin producers but i have lots of room. As more adventure building get added, coin building will be gone (at least those you can buy with coin. Unique ones will stay or get stashed).
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  12. Use your gardens wisely. With buildings clustered around them and multiples used in same building areas, most of my residential areas produce around 33% extra passengers for no cost in population, therefore requiring fewer buildings.
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  13. The OP has not been back on since 20 minutes after my reply. Doesn't
    seem like he is coming back though some good tips if he ever does. :cool:
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