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Bali Hi
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16 November 2018 at 16:12
2 June 2012
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Bali Hi

Well-Known Member

Happy New Year 2015! 1 January 2015

Bali Hi was last seen:
16 November 2018 at 16:12
    1. Chon
      you can send me neighbors request 04wpzky1 my name is Chon
    2. veth.airport
      hi!! my code is: 03mnrytv !! many thanks for accepting and adding! please send me some things and i will do the same
    3. Chon
      My code is 04wpzky1 I would like to have you as a neighbor
      1. Bali Hi
        Bali Hi
        I have sent neighbour requests ffrom my 3 games. Pls accept.
        8 June 2018
        Chon likes this.
    4. Neil ellor
      Neil ellor
      Could send me you your game codes as I don’t have any on my Ne2 game and I would like to join in with the qls
    5. sportybear
      added you as neighbour....pls accept...need help with QL launch...
    6. Cosmic Blue
      Cosmic Blue
      Thank you Bali Hi for the assist and I accepted your 3rd game. Will be launching again tomorrow, join in when you can.
      1. Bali Hi
        Bali Hi
        I was going to activate a QL just now, but my home internet is not working well and I could not activate it. I plan to use a QL this weekend, so I will look out for you.
        17 November 2017
      2. Bali Hi
        Bali Hi
        Strange, my neighbour request is still pending, even though you have accepted. Can you please add Bali2 from your side (awgwds1)
        17 November 2017
    7. Cosmic Blue
      Cosmic Blue
      I have sent you an invite from my yarcb, as i have been excepted into Fairplay 500 alliance.
      I would like to be friends with you again.
      1. Bali Hi
        Bali Hi
        I have accepted from BaliOS, pls accept my request from Bali Hi
        26 October 2017
    8. sportybear
      sent u a friend invite from my new iphone game, sportychub7, fren code : 03gu74s0

      what is your fren code for the other games?
    9. Ic3MaN
      In need of Neighbors with Planetarium's. May I submit request?
    10. SogutOrmani
      Hello, I have sent you a neighbor request, please accept
    11. suzy
      Hi ,
      I decided to create a second game, a gifter game mostly, because my 20 gifts daily are sooooooo insufficient; Could you add me to your games please .. my code is 20fhedp3 and the game is called suzy2.. It does not need any gifts most of the time, so if you receive one from me, pls return any gift to my main game suzy.. Thank you for adding me !!
    12. Etshk
      Hi, added you, hope we can be neigbours
    13. karthi
      Hi Friend i lost my previous game and i start from beginning...Please add me and send some gifts..I updated my signature..I need your support..
      Thanks in Advance....
    14. BAR SOLE
      BAR SOLE
      HI Bali
      I asked your code for my second game....
      I am going to have to give up too much effort for me to manage two games
      You,Bali how do you handle four and all are fine????
      "The Gates of Paradise" is wonderful !!!! REALLY
    15. Neil ellor
      Neil ellor
      Could you send invites to Ne2 please after upgrade thanks Neil
      1. Bali Hi
        27 May 2017
    16. BAR SOLE
      BAR SOLE
      I lost all my neighbours after update can you give me code of both games?
      1. Bali Hi
        Bali Hi
        aBARSOLE is still in my neighbour list, and it is not ZZZ.
        Did your friend code change, because I added aeowyyp but there is no neighbour request pending.
        27 May 2017
    17. Edward
      I have a blue launch in progress
    18. Jay J
      Jay J
      Hello Bali Hi,
      My minime game lost all neighbors and GI support said they cannot restore friends list.
      Would you please add minime (code: 040ghx0q )
      to your games?
      Thanks in advance.
      1. Bali Hi
        Bali Hi
        I have sent out all 4 neighbour requests.
        Is there anything you need??
        31 January 2017
        Jay J likes this.
      2. Jay J
        Jay J
        Thanks Bali. All connected again now.
        And I will ping pong if you send what you need.
        31 January 2017
    19. Edward
      I launch a green one if you are interested. And i need a loader or safety cone. Cheers
    20. Edward
      Do you want to join my launch?
      1. Bali Hi
        Bali Hi
        Unfortunately, I only join launches when I am home and not at work.
        25 January 2017
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  • Signature

    Android : Bali Hi (828 Stars) Level 80 (updated to Thanksgiving 2018)
    iOS game : BaliOS (617 Stars) Level 80 (updated to Thanksgiving 2018)
    Support game: b5li (188 Stars) Level 73 (currently blocked by GI)
    Support game: Bali2 (431 Stars) Level 72

    Please PM me if you want to be neighbours / to be accepted.

    Items "Bali Hi" can send:

    Strait Jacket, Granite Slab, Fuel(3), Fuel Catalyst, Bath Towel, Computer, Paint, Generator, Tour Review, Nano Coating, Copy MC, Handling Line, Fuel(20), Video Wall, Spaceship Engine, Flight Helmet, Jet Engine, Stapler, Power Source, Solar Cell, Amperemeter, Lining Plate, Landing Gear, Defroster, Master Plan, Gyroscope, Grinding MC, Washing MC, Crucible, Hammer Drill, Bioreactor

    Items "BaliOS" can send:
    Strait Jacket, Basalt Slab, Flatbed Scanner, Copy MC, Differential Relay, Lamp Shade, Hydraulic Cylinder, Autopilot, Pilot Headset, Head-Up Display, Pitot tube, VSI, All Inclusive Bracelet, Imprinter, Cockpit Glass, Generator, Album, Stabilizer, Projector, Sandbag, Passenger(10), Video Wall, Spaceship Engine, Slide Rule, Jet Engine, Whiteboard, Drill MC, Comm Antenna, Cash Counter, Laser Cutter, Landing Gear, Weather Display, Transmitter, Altimeter, Controller, Dryer, Crucible, Earplugs, Fruit Lollipop, Hammer Drill, Bed, E-reader, VR Headset, Sleeping Pill, Air Shower

    Items "b5li" can send:
    Magnetic Flaw Indicator, Geiger Counter, Fire Extinguisher, Patrol Drone, Copy MC, Demodulator, Fax, Fuel Catalyst, Paint, Generator, Tour Review, Radar, Rope Block, Fuel(20), Video Wall, Assembly Robot, Guestbook, Tire, Wide-angle Binoculars, Drill MC, Spaceship Launch Console, Ergonomic Chair, Lining Plate, Landing Gear, Packaging MC, Grey Transmitter, Gyroscope, TV Panel, Washing Machine, Crucible, Hammer Drill, Bed, E-reader, Sleeping Pill, VR Headset, Disinfecting Solution

    Items "Bali 2" can send:
    Transparency meter, Magnetic Fla Detector, Three of Hearts Pocket knife, Flatbed Scanner, Explosive Detector, Differential Relay, Lamp Shade, Hydraulic Cylinder, Autopilot, Pilot Headset, Head-Up Display, Pitot tube, VSI, Spotlight, Disposable Shampoo, Air Cond, Cockpit Glass, Generator, Great Shots, Massive Spotlight, Radar, Rope Block, Fuel 20, Video Wall, Spaceship Engine, Flight Helmet, Tire, Stapler, Power Source, Optical System, Amperemeter, Lining Plate, Passenger Seat, Cooling Chamber, Master Plan, Gyroscope, Air Vent Filter, Washing MC, Tunnel Freezer, Boring MC, Bed, E-Reader

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