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General Customer Service

Discussion in 'Airport City Questions' started by tdk1023, 3 January 2019.

  1. tdk1023

    tdk1023 Member

    Is there an alternative way of contacting GI when/if an issue occurs?

    I have had the misfortune of having to deal with Mary Heiden a few times now, and she is appalling rude and unhelpful. Honestly, if I hadn't paid up for the Gold subscription for 3 months in advance, I would have quit.
    Rant over!
    So....is there an alternative anywhere I am not aware of?
  2. The only way i know is contact them in this link
    click the contact us in red box.
    After that you will receive the ticket number or code and that will be in the end of the page reply message from them.
    Now after you have the ticket number you can posted here if they not resolve your problem and for sure the admins will help you.
    Also you contact them in Facebook but you need the ticket number.
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  4. The last few times ive dealt with them its been anonymous. Dont know who i dealt with. Just got a number! Better that way.
  5. jmsammons415

    jmsammons415 150+ Star Club Active Member

    iPad, iPhone
    jms items needed
    Any tips on how to get 100 limit removed? I've heard from a fair amount of people on forum who got this done. I've been going at this for about 6 weeks now. Thanks in advance for any help.
  6. Jim G

    Jim G Active Member

    I dont think it can be removed. Not unless you want to replace an old account to a different device which never had the limit
  7. If anyone's getting it removed it's because they are restoring a game they started playing before the limit went into effect. Otherwise you're stuck with it

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