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General Cloud Castle Collection Progress

Discussion in 'Airport City Collections' started by Navigata07, 30 July 2018.

  1. Bigglesbaz

    Bigglesbaz VIP Flyer 150+ Star Club Active Member

    Windows PC
    A poem about clouds by Mad Baz Newman:

    Forsooth, I am up in the clouds all day,
    I tap relentlessly and pray,
    So, so many clouds that blow swiftly away,
    Upon them lies all hope they'll open up to me today, till some wondrous building comes my way,
    Then, oh blessed hope, I can leave the clouds and get thee hence once more to play.
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  2. Trybat

    Trybat Active Member

    iPad, iPhone
    Beautiful @Bigglesbaz !
    Have you thought about a career in poetry? ;)
  3. Bigglesbaz

    Bigglesbaz VIP Flyer 150+ Star Club Active Member

    Windows PC
    RATFLMHO :) Baz :cigar:
  4. 99 down.... 1 to go and then finally my first cloud castle! :)
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  5. @Husam dice is working when clıck cloud? increases the chance? thank u
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  6. Nope. Only for flight.
  7. Sometimes there is a bug before Golden Dice working to increase the drop from neighbors buildings and we use it for a years and this could be happen with Dice also.
  8. Darina

    Darina Active Member

    Windows PC
    Вчера наткнулся на ваш форум, когда искал в поисковике об этих коллекциях. Я даже не знал, что нужно нажимать на облака и они будут сбрасывать элементы . Только вчера и сегодня я собрал 3 раза.Я часто кликаю по облакам, ожидая самолеты от полетов. Но нарубленное топором дерево упало только 2 стихии, собирать их будет тяжело.:(
  9. I got my 5th last week and already have 512 collected .. others I know play the game say the drop rate is very low.
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  10. :unsure:
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  11. Sheer genius!!!
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  12. My second cloud castle is waiting to be collected,'after 12.5 months playing AC' but actually cant place it, no land available. :)
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  13. Maybe it is me, but I feel that drop rate of clouds are smaller than before, no ?

    I have had more than 200 collections in 12 months, and almost 10 in 6 months !
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  14. My first cloud castle took me 4 months, my second one 8 months and two weeks,
    You'd the math mate. ;-)
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  15. VdW9

    VdW9 VIP Flyer Active Member

    That's pretty good. I've clicked every cloud I can see everyday, but barely any drop. Haha. Been doing this for 3 months, and only 5 completed so far.

    But there was a time (for few weeks at least) where there were a lot of clouds that I couldn't click.
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  16. ah ah !

    Yes ! when there was snow on the floor, we was not able to see any clouds ! !
  17. Darina

    Darina Active Member

    Windows PC
    I collected this for two and a half weeks, considering that I often go into the game and often click on the clouds. They fall rarely, and the percentage ratio is very different. If my rabbit falls with a probability of 90%, then the cat with a probability of 10%. Until the summer I hope I will collect 100 collections.
  18. A Merryflyer

    A Merryflyer Active Member

    A Merryflyer
    I don't think the drop rate has changed, but I do think the bug whereby tapping on a cloud doesn't work is getting worse (certainly in iOS). I find it particularly annoying as it thinks you have tapped on the land/building below, with all the fun that can come with that.

    Perhaps @Ur-quan would let us know if this bug is being addressed or needs to be reported again?
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  19. Same problem in android. Unclickable clouds so you are in danger of launching a video! Or worse.
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  20. I have had the very same issue on iOS for some time now. That being said there are periods of time when clicking consistently works and I actually get a drop every day or so. Then there are days when I can only successfully click every 4th or 5th cloud. Of course these are both improvements over not being to click on any clouds, which was the case late last year.

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