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Android & iOS- April Trading Thread

Discussion in 'Android & iOS' started by Gt city, 1 April 2019.

  1. Gt city

    Gt city Administrator 900+ Star Club Administrator Active Member

    Android, iPad
    Gt city 5 | Gt city 3
    To make the trading experience as easy as possible, please post the following details in your post and in your signature:

    Username/Friend Code
    In-Game Name
    Items Required
    Items You Can Send

    If you already have these details in your signature, please feel free to post "See Signature" or copy and paste your signature into the post.

    This thread will last for one calendar month. After that, it will be closed and a new thread will be opened.
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  6. (y)(y)(y)
    thx all for so many ql
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  8. Jwbikerdude

    Jwbikerdude 150+ Star Club Active Member

    I am in need of neighbors again. Not sure why the game hates me so much and deletes quite a few every so often.
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  9. I need 2 new regular trading partners! Details in signature.
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  10. I’m sending you a friend request, still need a few of reliable daily traders too(y)
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  11. I will send you both requests from a support acccount. Have spare gifting room.
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  12. @Madge59230 I think I already have you as a neighbor, not sure about support...
    For today I have 1 spare gift and it goes to VdW9 who answered first, cause I gave some away randomly. Regular gifting from tomorrow!
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  13. Accepted! Since you were first, you get the one spare gift left today.
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