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Adventure 2nd Aztec run

Discussion in 'Airport City Collections' started by Teboho, 6 April 2018.

  1. Teboho

    Teboho 350+ Star Club Active Member

    Android, Windows PC
    Tair *item I require*
    24904 fuel
    18654 passengers
    3 aztec pyramids (104 drops)
  2. How many maps are you using for these runs? One of each? Wanting to get my hands on one of these excavation buildings! :)
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  3. If you plan well and manage to stock up on resources, you can get all 36 items on a single map run. This is what I always do and after doing 5 different runs, i can get 6 adventure building in one shot.

    I’m currently working toward 6x Sphinx (Powerful Delta maps).
  4. You need two of each destination minimum. It is possible to do it with one and get 36 drops but needs a lot of fuel and passengers. 18 drops in a session of 6 hours is a good target. If you get the first 16 then activate a different map and go for 16 more.
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  5. So there is no limit on F20 or P10 so I could theoretically save up 30 000 fuel?
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  6. Depends if you have 100 limit.
  7. Aah, I’ve been doing it wrong! Managed to do 16 flights to machu pichu and got 4 drops! I will plan ahead in the future! Thanks! :) (y)
  8. That’s true... I don’t have a limit so i can stock up. For those with limits, it’s much harder to manage fuel stocks unless you can stock up on 300 fuel barrels from doing first place in red launches.
  9. Noooo... try to get 18 at least because you need 36 to have 6 building ans stopping 2 items short mean a extra map to get...
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  10. I did tollan again last week and got 36 drops in 3 hours, using golden dice and speed up for 2 turbo props.
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  11. Sorry for asking so many questions, but is the 100 limit for players that started after a certain update? I started playing i january, but had 101 F20 the other day!(n)
  12. No, it was added after a certain date for players who join AC. I joined before this so I avoided that limit and frankly, the 100 items limit is plain stupid. Hope AC reconsider this and raise to 1000 or remove it.
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  13. Depends where the 1 came from. Sometimes my support goes over 1 or 2 byt i cannot put in more than 100.

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