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100 item limit - mine has been lifted

Discussion in 'Airport City News' started by AshPort, 23 February 2018.

  1. i persisted with this issue with GI

    not sure if this has been lifted across the game or not
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  2. Congrats. That'll make life easier for you.
  3. allready got 300 messages to put towards landing lamps, 145
    f20 345

    for when i get my maps done next week
  4. Southoftheborder

    Southoftheborder Well-Known Member

    Or it's a bug....and you'e just told them
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  5. im sure its my persistence
    my arguments were valid, and i had stopped spending also

    i am glad its lifted, if it were to be a bug then i could argue that i had the over limit, as i have screenshots
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  6. Now you have it, they rang take it away. If it's a bug then lots of people have it.!
  7. Southoftheborder

    Southoftheborder Well-Known Member

    Congrats. It' only recently that I've realised that there are two separate classes here those with the limit and those without. It creates an unfair, unlevel playing field.

    We are all competing for the same prizes, yet some have to do it with one arm tied behind their back!!!

    It' just not fair
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  8. I still have the limit unfortunately and both are iOS also.
  9. Do like @AshPort . Inundate Gi with rickets asking for it to be removed. Photo of alliance task with +100, warehouse with limit 100. Say not possible. Hassle them . Ash proves that it works with persistence!
  10. i announced it here because i think this is unfair also, just think of the argument, ie, maps, alliance destinations etc
    but they know i spend, its small per month, but fight fairly for it

    good luck also
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  11. they like to say its not possible, but it clearly is
    now i have a chance to compete, maybe a limit is good, on items that will never be used or maybe 1000 would be ok
  12. 1000 no no no. No limit for everyone. Thats a level playing field.
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  13. Southoftheborder

    Southoftheborder Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately GI don't
    fully realise that the inequality actually stops players spending cash.

    When I find out that mitlain and AHans already have hundreds of flights to my weekly destination (and many many others
    ), I think "what's the point" I'll not even be close to catching them so there's no point spending real money.

    The closer (fairer) things are the more likely I am to make an effort
    Last edited: 23 February 2018
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  14. Did GI reply via email letting you know the limit was removed or did it just happen without a reply from them?
    Last edited: 23 February 2018
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  15. they had replied to other issues, and i think they meaning this one also, as they said they had made changes to the account, i thought for alliance tasks etc..
  16. @AshPort
    congratulation you deserve it because you did not give up and keep sending emails.
    This is not a bug its worked and they remove the limit ;)
    But my advice for you is take screenshot for the items above the 100 in your store (y) keep saving more items dont spent till the next week ;)
  17. I really hope that’s what they meant and it’s removed indefinitely. I will start a ticket and try.
  18. screenshots all the time, constantly, as you never know
  19. Here’s the correspondence between GI and I...seems like they may be thinking about changing the limit...not sure...but I will start emailing once a week...every time the ridiculous task pops...which is weekly....maybe I’ll start emailing from both accounts and if others keep doing also maybe it will change.

    The 100 item limit is unfair to those of us that started the game after a certain date. There isn’t a level playing field and it’s almost impossible to achieve certain aspects of the game once you reach a certain level. For example, flying maps and task. Also trying to compete for top spots to destinations. Some of my tasks are completely out of range. This week I have a task for turboprops that’s 858 flights that require landing lamps. Another task is 146 turboprop flights that also require landing lamps. I have a 2nd account that has task with the same unreachable task goals. It’s not possible or at least probable that I could get that many single items from gifts or flying and still meet the larger number flights. In order to continue to play and increase purchases, I need this limit removed from my accounts.

    Dear player,

    I'm sorry to hear you're frustrated with these situations. I'll pass your comments to the developers for consideration. It's possible that there will be some changes in the future - the game is constantly evolving, so it could bring joy to the most of our players.
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  20. good for you. Fingers crossed
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