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7 September 2017
30 July 2016
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Perfect - am already on a launch at the moment. I've already sent 1 mayor's portrait...any idea where to get laptops and office chairs? 7 December 2016

Punmat was last seen:
7 September 2017
    1. Lee Porritt
      Lee Porritt
      Hi Punmat. if I add you as a friend can you accept. I have a lot of items for launch.
    2. Kendra
      Hi, Punmat- I added you as a neighbor. Hope you'll accept! ~Kendra
    3. Pit1024
      I got them some 2-3 weeks ago, but I managed to forget where from I received them.
      If you're not too busy, you could check my postings in IOS/Android thread for last 2-3 weeks and see which neighbors I asked to send me laptops and office chairs.
    4. Punmat
      Perfect - am already on a launch at the moment. I've already sent 1 mayor's portrait...any idea where to get laptops and office chairs?
    5. Pit1024
      If you don't see my invitation at zenmie, pls nvite Pit1024Support2
    6. Pit1024
      And pls send me Mayor's Portrait from tomorrow for three days.
    7. Pit1024
      Great - with pleasure!
      Btw, I'm currently in a Blue launch with Raschuma - there is an open thread in IOS and Android launches. If you post their, he/she will most probably add you. With 300-400 pts you will have 3rd.
    8. Punmat
      also - would love to join a rocket launch coalition with you...
    9. Punmat
      @Pit1024 I can send you mayors portrait...
    10. Punmat
    11. Punmat
    12. Pit1024
      Hi punmat,
      Have you received a Mayor's Portrait from someone else? I need 3 but I can't find another source, different from myself...
    13. Pit1024
      Hi Punmat,
      I have just sent you an invite - looking for partners for rocket launches (currently green / blue).
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  • About

    • iPhone


    Updated April 28 2017

    ios Platform (iphone)

    level 70
    162 gold stars

    Things I need - Thanks for your help!

    **Spare Propellors***

    Control Tower Level 9:
    Infrared Camera (8)
    Motion Sensor (8)
    Coffee Machine (8)
    Observation Drone (8)

    Terminal Level 9:
    Turnstile (8)
    Patrol Drone (8)
    Floor Washer (7)
    Information Sign (8)

    Items I can provide:

    Additional radar | Aircraft Tire | Air Conditioner | Attitude Indicator | Bed |
    Beverage Cooler | Blanket | Boring Machine | Channel Bar | Copy Machine | De-Icer |
    Disposable Shampoo | Drill Machine | E-Reader | Ear Plugs | Eau de toillette |
    Fire Extinguisher | Flight catering | Fruit Lollipop | Fuel (3) | Fuel Additives |
    Fuel Catalyst | Fuel Supply | Fuel hose | Gyroscope | Generator |
    Holographic Display | Imprinter | Loader | Landing Lamp | Landing gear |
    Laser Rangefinder | Makeup | Master Plan | Motion Sensor | Navigation module | Oscillating beacon | Paint | Patrol Drone |
    Passengers 10 | Perfume | Pneumatic Cutter | Powerful Radio Transmitter |
    POS Terminal | Projector | Server rack | Screw Press | Shredder |
    Single Malt Whiskey | Solar Cell | Spare Wire | Spare propeller |
    Spaceship Engine | Travel Guide | TV Panels | Video Wall |
    Washing Machine | Weather display | Welder | Whiteboard | Wireless Compass
    X-Ray Scanner
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