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Mario's Dad
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19 April 2019 at 20:00
2 July 2013
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Mario's Dad

Well-Known Member, Male, from UK (Europe, for the time being anyway)

OK 13 April 2017

Mario's Dad was last seen:
19 April 2019 at 20:00
    1. Chon
      I would like to have you as a neighbor, my code is 04wpzky1
    2. sportybear
      what is your friend code....i got QL...would like to join the party...my friendcode is sportychub and my nick is tesla-fuels
    3. Bestwench
      Hi - I no longer need any more technical pens, but I still prefer gifting in return, so keep sending them as long as you need protractors in return. Once you have enough, switch to whatever you need. Thanks again! Simonbabybird
      1. Mario's Dad
        Mario's Dad
        Thanks for letting me know, i will check how many i have and gift accordingly. Thanks.
        21 October 2017
    4. Bestwench
      Hi - WG tells me Mario3 needs protractors, so I sent you one. I can continue to do so until you tell me you don't need any more. I need technical pens, protractors, and t-squares. Can you send any of those in return? Thanks - Simonbabybird
      1. Mario's Dad
        Mario's Dad
        Thanks for the Protractor, I can send Technical Pen in return. First one just sent.
        16 October 2017
    5. JayBee
      Hi I am in need of nano coating and can gift back a weather building needed item.
    6. Mario's Dad
    7. LAX
      Hi, I see that you did update. I am sending furniture gifts to you - are they coming through? Please let me know or if I have to re-add you as a neighbor.
    8. Mario's Dad
      Mario's Dad
      24/11/15: Game on hold - Will not open
    9. Jgm85
      Hi there, is it possible to add me or me add you to help with the Back to School quest. My code is av8gt9k and usernamer is *jgm* Thanks
      1. Muhammad Zaid likes this.
    10. Robby Kusuma
      Robby Kusuma
      Oh dear, I dont have you in Tadashi2. Sending you a request. Please accept.
    11. Kamikaze
      Thanks Mario for your gift
      I have a question; what happens when i send the item back ? Will you get the same item then ?
    12. PJW
      User name pjw1278.
      I have sent a request, daily gift exchanger plus also looking for space launches.
    13. Gt city
      Gt city
      Hi, please add gogius as your neighbor. He is in need for Terminal item, router. He will send it to you, then please just hit send in return. Oh, please add him as neighbor first, hope it is possible. Huge thanks!
    14. Pakman
      Sent you a friend request so we can trade Flatbed scanners
    15. LAX
      Thank you for the parking meter. :)
    16. DarekK
      Hi,I send you neighbor request from !DarekK game. Please accept.
    17. Gt city
      Gt city
      Hi, send you neighbor request from Gt city game. Please accept, can help you with some L9 items
    18. Neil ellor
      Neil ellor
      Sent invites from my games please accept
    19. dchesn08
      If I could trouble you for two routers that would be great! I will send you the spare wire. Thanks!
    20. dchesn08
      I sent a request for my Ipad account, Chesner. Can you please accept? I could swap you a vidoe board for a robotic lawnmower...
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  • About

    UK (Europe, for the time being anyway)
    • iPhone
    Friend Code:
    Mario's Two
    Mario's Two


    Time-zone: UK
    (Last update 18-Apr-2019)
    Name: Mario2 (Level 80 / 602 Stars)

    CAN GIFT: Nano Coating, (See below for more items)

    UPDATED 03-Aug-18
    Normal Flight Items, Passengers (10)
    Buildings: Disposable Shampoo, ATM, Welder, Great Shots, Nano Coating, Dispatcher Console, Rope Block, Video Wall, Laser Level, POS Terminal, Whiteboard, Drill Machine, Solar Cell, Cash Counter, Laser Cutter, Defroster, Archive Box, Air Vent Filter, Centrifuge, Glazing Machine, Hammer Drill, Disinfecting Solution.
    Repairs: Cockpit Glass, Aircraft Tire, Passenger Seat, Altimeter + New repair items
    Duty Free: Pearl Earrings, Cognac, White Gold Bracelet.

    Level 72 - 566 Stars

    CAN GIFT: Ultrasonic Flaw Detector, Machine Oil, Turnstile, Holographic Display, Stabilizer, Fuel (20)
    Please don't send gifts to this game, send to my main game above instead. Thanks.
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