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Windows Windows store crash

Discussion in 'Airport City Bugs, Glitches & Errors' started by Blue Aero, 5 December 2018.

  1. My windows store app crashed and it took out Airport City. I was not able to uninstall / install or fix the error (this was NOT a AC game crash) so I have not been able to play for a few days. I was going to look at it more tonight and discovered AC was installed - only it is a new game so i played to level 3 and I'm about to contact GI to restore my main game.

    Apparently windows store is known to do this wiping out random games after a windows 10 update.
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  2. I was wondering why the Zzzz's! Hope you will get your neighbors back when you get restored - if not, let us know to send you a neighbor request.
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  3. Good luck and hope every thing work fine i stop sending any gifts till your game back online (y)
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  4. david smith

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    Android, Windows PC
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    did u do a microsoft store app reset?
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  5. I had a problem too but unsure if it was a windows store issue or GI issue. I went to buy banknotes when on sale last week and spent for the big bucks, the 99 dollar deal. Now I did make 4 purchases, (don't ask about my finances though, please). On the first buy, I only got 400 game cash, but the other 3 worked fine. I did submit a ticket with screenshots, and showing my receipts to GI, but they are waiting on devs to fix the issue.
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  6. My issue was the game would not even open and I had an error. When the store was finally fixed, my game was toast and started at level 1. GI restored it but all it did was connect my neighbors. GI then tried something else to fix it and a little while ago my game is now fully restored (having been at level 3 with all my neighbors connected for several days) my game is back to level 80 with all my buildings and everything.
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