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thx all, i go !!!!

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by Mate, 3 December 2018.

  1. After last week and after moderator here Husam write last chance for me, so i go allone!
    i put many money in last 2 years and i love this game but its not more fun ! what here some people write isnt truh (10 red collections every day..) only to deffend some others!
    before i go i give you proof from last week about cheating! (look on stars, only possible with backup restore)
    Gi ban some players, some other not so its not more fairplay for me, was never!
    thanks all for this great time in this game but i have too some health problems atm and i have not more force to fight against cheaters and i hope this forum will help here! its so sad for me but i accept now that this game its not really a game!
    pinokkio use last week one more 1 in row not fair! i try to fight against it but its ok for this forum that they cheat but i dont care more! its sad for the others here !Screenshot_20181128-234159.pngScreenshot_20181128-202253.pngScreenshot_20181128-202253.png

    thx all and greatings !
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  2. If you go back to my message i write this a warn for you and you cannot call any members in the forum that he/she a cheater in public we respect each other here and before some members do that and we ban them also the admin close your thread for the same reason you have to respect any member in the forum and dont call him a cheater front of us.
    If you are real player you dont have to look for other as cheater play the game like everyone here have fun make contact enjoy the game with or without cheaters who care if there is a cheaters we play for fun every day.
    Spend your time in the forum learn and give advice help others look around you how many players do you think they are really care about cheaters i dont think so.
    Keep playing for stars and do the events and never look for cheaters forget them play like no cheaters.
    Some players they are using bugs and sometimes the bugs good for anyone but we cannot call the players cheaters.
    Anyway this is your choice wish you the best and good health for you.
    You are welcome anytime in the forum me and others here for help you.
    Good Luck (y)
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  3. maybe you can look so easy on it.
    i cant because i love this game.
    Gi ban me some weeks ago and i accept it !
    but why i cant share it here! cheating is cheating!
    you see this schreenshot ? and they go allways on 1 and its not right!
    but its ok! i leave today alliance and chat!
    i stop playing now!
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  4. ?
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  5. ok, i wish the same for you!
    i have not more force atm for this game!
    i give last week all my fuel for nothing but its ok! i dont undeestand why here people can call ydl cheater? but others not!
    its not right too but however i stop now playing to keep calm! maybe i come back but i try to not come back!
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  6. Ydl is he a member here ? He is not, and all the talking about him we close the thread.
    My friend your mind only thinking about cheaters nothing else please do not try to find a way to approve what you did is the right you talking about members in public thread they are cheaters this not allowed did you think to apologize for them in public of course no, did you create private conversation talking with them and show them your screenshot of course no the only think you did you open a thread just to say those players are cheating thats all.
    You start with Aj and pinokkio and now you talk about Ydl no one care about cheaters we play the game for fun and have a good neighbors and friends from all round the world.
    If you have something about cheaters contact Gi support and send them the screenshot you have or contact the person in private ask him/her why you cheating.
    Please do not talk about anyone else that he or she is a cheaters.
    Thank for understand.
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