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Seeking Spare Propellers

Discussion in 'Trading Discussion' started by SABRED, 12 February 2018.

  1. I’ am in need of many spare propellers. I am happy to return the favor. Please pm me as needed. Thnaks
    Last edited: 12 February 2018
  2. Check your PM (y)
  3. LjGibbs

    LjGibbs 150+ Star Club VIP Flyer Active Member

    Windows PC
    I can send them from both my accounts, you are already on my main - support is in signature
  4. i can send from tomorrowe also
  5. pm sent
  6. I xan send everyday..i need it as a return gift.
  7. do u still need spare propellers? or should i stop sending?
  8. i think his profile has changed to FC
    Fuel Catalyst or flight catering
  9. Thats the thing i can not understand...i sending him catering
  10. up to him to clarify, he may need both
  11. Hi guys. Can still use spare propellers, but longer a priority
    AshPort likes this.
  12. nice, will send when can
  13. Ok...i will send u spare propeller each day and i need it in return..

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