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My ideas about the 100 limit

Discussion in 'Airport City Feature Requests & Suggestions' started by Crimdrac, 18 October 2018.

  1. Learned about the 100 limit about 4 months ago and still so confused how GI could make such a bad decision adding a thing like this making the game so unfair and making it impossible to compete with the older players. They are destroying the balance of the game with moves like this.

    Guess it was added because they wanted to fix a problem with people having endless of items stored, but doesn't really solve the problem because the old players still don't have the limit and few new people will probably stay in the game when learning about the limit.

    Anyway, here are some idea how GI could make the game less unfair for us having the 100 limit.

    - Raise the limit to like 1000 (would at least make it possible to for example do all alliance tasks).
    - Remove the limit for everyone (best option)
    - Add the limit to everyone (not a good option, but would make it fair)
    - Remove the limit as part of the gold subscription (if it is just money they are after)
    - Add some kind of building making it possible to raise the limit.
    - Increase the limit depending on level, like 10-50 extra items per level.

    Still trying decide myself if I am going to continue playing or not, but payed for a 6-month gold subscription and as long as I have that I will stay. After that I must decide what to do.

    But it is frustrating for a player like myself that put in a lot of money into the game to reach the top faster and just then learn that you will never be able to really compete with people or play the game at its full potential.

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  2. It Stinks big time
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  3. Southoftheborder

    Southoftheborder Well-Known Member

    I think raising the 100 limit by level is the only way forward.

    It allows GI to keep the 100 limit that they love, but allows expansion as players go up through the levels, up to, say to a limit of 500 at level 81.
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  4. Anything is better than the debilitating 100 limit. Makes a player unavailable to compete with those without the limit nor participate in the higher level alliances.

    Oh wait, you can spend lots of real money to keep up......

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  5. My second game has the 100 item limit - it is not fair and GI was so stupid for implementing it. I won't buy any more greenies with my main game because they continue to make idiotic changes -- I keep my second game with turboprops just to complete an alliance mission every week to benefit my main game. I used to spend $$$ every month on greenies but since the 100 item limit (which does not affect my main game) I have spent maybe $10. in the last year
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  6. Playing since 5 months now, I begin to feel better what this limit is creating.
    During first months of the game, i was not really seeing at first the issue. But had only has 4-5 planes in flight with only one item to flight...

    Now, I'm trying destination ranking for some requiring 2 items. And yes, I feel... 'limited' by this 100 items limits.

    And moreover, for any rank (destination, space, even league), players with the limit are competing with one without the limits.
    And this is really not fair for this game to have this situation.

    So for me, any proposal of the first post may be a great improvement (except probably the gold subscription, but if this is only a question of money...)
    Levelled limit, to match with player level could be really nice.
    But moreover, the limit shall apply to everyone. But I guess this could discourage old players.

    I don't know what @Ur-quan could told about that. (I know, not really a fair question, but from my point of view, the game is not fair also on that topic).
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