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Android Dice bonus

Discussion in 'Airport City Questions' started by Sudip, 5 February 2018.

  1. Sudip

    Sudip Active Member

    Where i can use the Dice? It is the simple dice, not the golden dice.
  2. Therkyn

    Therkyn Active Member

    I believe Dice are for the excavation maps in getting chests to drop with maps to other destinations. Golden Dice are for the other destination flights. Of course, I may have gotten myself totally confused. -t
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  3. Regular dice also help when you are flying for building supplies.
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  4. Both answer are right (y) Therkyn and crescent
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  5. Therkyn

    Therkyn Active Member

    OK, @Husam, @crescent moon I call upon you to answer this:

    Valentines event: Bunch of decorative buildings for your hearts... (which unlike the Santa ones have no listed benefits other than being attractive) or....
    Lucky Horseshoe: Increases the chance of a fortunate event in flight by 100% (20 flights or 4 hours)
    Bowl of Riches: This bonus increases the chance of a quest item drop (both common and collectible) by 150% for 1 hour.
    Dice: This bonus doubles the chance of item drop (excluding quest or collectible items) for 5 hours.
    Golden Dice: Increases the chance of a collectible item drop from a flight (excluding quest items) by 150% for 6 hours.

    "Fortunate event" I think this means that you get like the VIP or extra XP or coins, but that's listed before you take the flight (so really, no in flight, but ok, its a game) - Mostly useless unless you're burning hearts.

    Bowl of Riches: So, if I read this correctly, during events like this valentines event (and santa's bad day), Bowl of Riches provides Dice & Golden Dice benefits for one hour. Given most of excavation/quest flying is sped up with fuel, this seems like a pretty sweet deal.

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  6. I've never figured out what a "fortunate event" is. Less chance of weather event??? Less chance of breakdown???
    Bowl of Riches I think is comparable to spyglass, but just one hour instead of 6. Dice & Golden Dice both exclude quest items, so don't think they would be helpful.
    Pilots Manual will double your XP for any action. Guess that means launches, collections, etc., as well as flights.
    Fuel additive give you 2 fuels every minute rather than 1.
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  7. Correct compare (y)
    Sometimes the drop between players is different i am talking about me i used Dice many times in different months it is useless for me with other players maybe the drop much more than me so they like it.
    Always for me the best bonus is golden dice when active any maps the drop is perfect.
    As you compare it with event Bowl of riches (only used in event) it is like Dice and GD (dont use it in event) but i am saying sometime the drop with a players more than other players.
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  8. A
    Agree. I used bowl of riches at Christmas and it didn't do anything much. Personal favourites are fuel additive and pilots manual.
  9. Me neither did not do any thing for me ;)
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  10. Yes, drop rates vary widely - work for some players and seem not to work so much for others. I use regular dice on excavation flights, and always use golden dice when flying the maps. The only other use I've found for regular dice was trying to get items to complete buildings. It seemed to help a bit.
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  11. Yes Dice is good for the items need to complete buildings. (y)

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