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About to upgrade Fuel Station H

Discussion in 'Helicopter Bugs and Issues' started by Tim Shutters, 3 January 2019.

  1. But first I have two questions

    1 Will it still produce fuel while it’s being upgraded?

    2 I need a fuel pump as you can see from the screenshot. Is that available from video or do I have to visit neighbors in order to get that and finish the upgrade?

    THANKS ALL!!!!!

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  2. It will not produce fuel during the upgrade and you can (and I suggest you do) use videos. The drop rates are abysmal
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  3. Thanks Anton!!!
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  4. I would encourage you to reconsider upgrading the fuel station unless you are actively working to obtain stars for the helicopter destinations in a limited time frame. There are a few threads on the forum discussing the value-add and cost of the helicopters. I only fly them casually, unless I use them to get to flights sent/received counts for daily missions.

    I have one helipad/helicopter of each type, one of the tourists buildings of each type with an L2 fuel station, one resource base, two mechanical plants, and one high-tech plant. I've already 3-starred all of the helicopter destinations just through occasional flying. I found there is not a need to invest more into the helicopter component of the game until GI starts offering something of more interest. In my opinion, the cost is rather high for the payback we receive.
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  5. Phil, thanks for the reply.

    I just moments ago hit the upgrade button o_O

    It is indeed the stars I am after - I am stagnant in that regard - so those 15 stars from flying to the Falls sites will help.

    Thanks again for the advice.

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