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19 August 2017
18 April 2017
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Well-Known Member, Male, from Germany

Don't pay real money for a game that changes the rules constantly. You have no idea what may come next to ruin the fun for you completely. 2 June 2017

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19 August 2017
    1. Dancing Dolphin
      Dancing Dolphin
      I would like to join the fuel ring please. I never have enough fuel to finish weekly missions. My friend code is 204ofdl. Name in game is DolfinAir F20PLZ. Still not getting many neighbors sending fuel! Most people too wrapped up in their own needs, or treating neighbors like they are not real people maybe! Best wishes, Gay
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    2. Floatie Magic
      Floatie Magic
      i, I recently joined this forum (been playing AC for several years on and off, as does my husband).
      Today I started playing Township. I would love to have you as a friend there please, I sent you an invite, my town is called Afloat, on the forum I'm Floatie Magic (same in AC).

      - - - Thanks for adding :)
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    3. Phyllo
      Don't pay real money for a game that changes the rules constantly. You have no idea what may come next to ruin the fun for you completely.
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    4. Phyllo
      Thank you all, I did good progress with your help - and with intensive flying to the right cities. :)
    5. Phyllo
      Currently a bit stuck but working on it. ;) Underestimated how difficult it is to get the items needed to improve buildings.
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    Phyllo Game Over


    Game name: Phyllo Game Over
    Code: irrelevant now
    Signature Updated:
    09. June 2017
    Level reached: 57 Star Skills reached: 81 Hearts: 6 currently level 54 and 75 stars
    Location: Germany

    I had 5 stadiums, 6 Brazilian houses and 3 Brazilian villas and was about to buy the one slice of land I needed to build the remaining three Brazilian villas to visit for those who still need items to complete the event - but they are all gone after my game crashed, together with the two slices of land I bought to expand my city, one for 100.000 and one for 200.000, my mission control is down to 2 from 3, my blue pad is gone, my town hall is down one level, no way I'll keep playing like that.

    I want to thank you all for your help and friendship, it was a great experience, this is what made playing the game really special.

    That is why I wanted to stay here, just with another game, not this any longer. Therefore, I looked for an alternative game that is similarly intriguing and more fun since there are no restrictions that make no sense and come all of a sudden after making players used to other ways for years.

    Now that I did find that game, I find that whenever I log in here, I mostly see things that barely interest me any longer and so I'll not log in much any more. Anyone who wants to give Township a try is welcome to message me but I can't assure when I'll read the notes.

    I FOUND:

    A substitute game that gives a lot of fun and runs stable without constant changes of the rules.
    It is called township and it gets more and more complex the longer I play it, so instead of getting boring, it gets more interesting all the time.
    I wrote about it here: http://www.airportcitygame.com/threads/township.17271/#post-255204
    If you want to give it at try, please add me, my code is CCV63B and my town is called Phyllopolis.

    I've sent out gifts to 20 neighbours one last time and I won't sign in to AC any more, no more G$ for me.

    Enjoy your games while they last and remember it can be over suddenly, either through a crash or through G$'s management changing the rules again, maybe something even more ridiculous than the 100 items limit, you never know. I would never spend any real money on a game where you do not know if the rules you play by when you spend the money are still the rules you play by an hour later, a day later or a week later, so I can only suggest to never pay any real money for this or any other game run by G$.

    PS: Being a developer myself, I do not blame the developers in the least for the issues I ran into. You can clearly see how much they love the game, how much effort they put into tiny details like even showing rotating propellers when a smaller plane is on the runway. But if you suffer from a management who keeps forcing you to implement "features" like a limit of 100 items, you simply do not have the time to deal with the really important issues like stability. I'm lucky to work with a management of fellow developers who see things from the right point of view and don't overburden us with too many regulations but are happy to let us get the real work done. I hope the developers of G$ will find a way to keep the game alive by creating their own company and then freely doing the right things instead of coding nuisances that they probably hate doing as much as we hate suffering from them.
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