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1 July 2017
24 February 2016
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15 June 1983 (Age: 35)

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Well-Known Member, Male, 35

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1 July 2017
    1. Eren
      Hi. I'm sending a friend request and appreciate if you accept it:)
    2. Dipal Airborn
      Dipal Airborn
      Please add Kelly
      Game name !fuel
      We do launches together
    3. Dipal Airborn
      Dipal Airborn
      Hi Len
      I am surprising wheher you are already my friend as I have
      Len nav module in my friend list
      1. LenR
        Yes, that is me.
        1 May 2016
    4. Support4u
      Can you please add me: adhcvpl and sent me a washing machine? thanks in advance
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  • About

    15 June 1983 (Age: 35)
    • Android
    Friend Code:


    Friend code: av50at9
    Username: Len (item needed)
    Level: 77
    Stars: 261

    Updated june 29

    Items I need:

    Town Hall (level 11) - pneumatic capsule x9, EV charging station x10, air purifier x10

    Furniture Factory - sliding table saw x14

    Pharmaceutical Lab - granulator x13, desinfecting solution x12

    Sweet Factory - done!

    Repair Base (level 7) - done!

    Town Hall (level 10) - done!

    Terminal (level 11) - done!

    Other: wireless compass, blankets, attitude indicator, fuel (3 or 20), oscillating beacon, altimeter, gyroscope, flight catering, landing lamp

    Items I can send: (Updated)
    fruit lollipop, earplugs, glazing machine, attitude indicator, blanket, centrifuge, wireless compass, controller (gray with green buttons), deicer, spare propeller, altimeter, fuel hose, weather display, navigation module, flight catering, oscillating beacon, passenger seat, hull parts, cash counter, spare wire, white gold bracelet, additional radar, communication antenna, drill machine, fuel additives, calculator, jet engine, fuel supply, eau de toilette, POS terminal, laser lever, powerful radio transmitter, video wall, fuel (20), Chanel bar, radar, landing lamp, travel guide, generator, paint, single-malt whiskey, computer, all-inclusive bracelet, fuel catalyst, passengers (5), stitcher, massage chair, magnetic flaw detector, edge banding machine, bed, E-reader, sleeping pills, VR headset, bioreactor

    Support game
    Username: Len2 item needed
    Level: 31
    Friend code: 20so0q1v

    ** No gifts, please send to my main game **

    Items I can send:
    Robotic lawnmower
    passengers (5), fuel catalyst, disposable shampoo, air conditioner, skin care products, paint, welder, travel guide, landing lamp, copy machine, handling line, fuel (20), powerful radio transmitter, video wall, robot tester, security camera, eau de toilette, fuel supply, aircraft tire, stapler, fuel additives, power source, optical system, additional radar, perfume, shredder, spare wire, laser cutter, passenger seat, oscillating beacon, flight catering, defroster, navigation module, transmitter, fuel hose, altimeter, spare propeller, deicer

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