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4 March 2018
28 April 2017
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4 March 2018
    1. MelMel

      Wanted to let you know I just sent you a neighbor request. I thought it would make sense, given we're both in the same alliance. Happy to start daily trading if you still have room for me. ;)

    2. Crashfree
      Thanks for the Passengers, but I think I'm just about managing to stay on top of those at the moment. If you are able to please send me some Cooling Chambers, then that would be great. I wasn't able to PM you, so this seemed the best way to contact you.
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    • Windows PC


    Level 65
    Windows 10
    Member of - WASTED ALLIANCE

    event items please -

    straight jackets or OB only now please
    Weather flight items also appreciated

    Items needed as of 18/07 ( left to right priority)

    Next buildings items needed for:

    Town hall lvl 7 - 4 Mayor's Portrait, 4 Office Chair
    Control Tower Lvl 7 items
    Terminal Lvl 6 - got them all, maybe lvl 7 ones
    4 Arch Metal Detector
    4 Beverage Cooler
    4 Parking Meter
    4 Wall Speaker

    PM me when you're adding as neighbour

    hotel items - Fully completed all 6 now please dont send any more items for it
    No Duty Free items please

    Items able to send

    Concert Screen, Canvas Roof, Baggage Tag, Riveter, Yagi-Uda Antenna,Laptop, Fuel (3), Fuel Catalyst, All-Inclusive Bracelt, ATM, Skin Care Products, Cockpit Glass, Welder, Great Shots, Landing Lamp, Dispatcher Console, Channel Bar, FUEL (20), Powerful Radio Transmitter, Video Wall, Robot Tester, Guestbook, Cognac, Fuel Supply, Aircraft Tyre, Calculator, Fuel Additives, Power Source, Spaceship Launch Console, Additional Radar, Perfume, Ergonomic Chair, Spare Wire, Server Rack, Passenger Seat, Oscilating Beacon, Flight Catering, Cooling Chamber, Navigation Module, Transmitter, Fuel Hose, Gyroscope, Spare Propeller, Deicer, TV Panels, Wireless Compass, Washing Machine, Blanket, Altitude indicator, Glazing Machine, Lollipops, Ear Plugs

    Support accounts
    Friend code - 204459tu
    Current needs ( if you can spare gifts) - any weather flight items
    Weather Items - Infrared thermometer, Massive Spotlight
    Event Items - Pocket Knife, Two of Hearts
    Can send Fuel(20)

    Friend code - 0456p2ry
    Current needs ( if you can spare gifts) - Nano coating (urgently) Spiked tyre (quite urgently)
    Weather Items - Barograph, Massive Spotlight
    Event Items - Pocket Knife, Three of Hearts

    Friend code - 04xeuuwf
    Current needs ( if you can spare gifts) - Tesla (urgently) then any other weather flight items
    Weather Items - Liquid Thermometer, Massive Spotlight
    Event Items - Magic Mirror, Two of Hearts