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17 April 2019 at 23:59
30 October 2012
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17 April 2019 at 23:59
    1. flip123
      Hi, I sent an invite from jpjpjp999. I would like to sent a Halloween item in the hope you sent it back. Last year you could sent AEROSOL..... Thank you
    2. Dr.SC-
      Hi, I see you can gift Wall Speaker, can you send me some please? I can't get them, but I need four, so it's getting frustrating... Thanks! BTW I sent you a friend request, in-game name is SC:W.Speak/FHose
    3. Zaffair
      Heey there,

      I see in your signature you can send the wheater display. Is is possible to send me one? I don't have any luck getting it from flights..
      I just sent you a spare propeller, let me know if there is anything else you want from me.

    4. pharell
      hi.... i just add u.
      my username is AYEN *** (where *** will be the item i need the most currently)
      my friend code: ao6xsxu

      right now i need sleigh oil the most. but if u don't have it, it's okay. u can send me stamp instead.

      i'll send u what i have....

      thank u....
    5. Rabblerouser
      Hi, I sent a friend request.
    6. Jahuno.
      Hi, I sent you a request from my .aeuu6ca game. I need sleigh covers myself and I see you need them too, maybe we could exchange some?
    7. Lakino the Great
      Lakino the Great
      please always send flight catering meals, not fuel 20.thanks
    8. pienicki
      Hi plz can u check and see if u have me as a neighbour still as i dont have u any more we were neighbours then the other day you werent there
    9. Lakino the Great
      Lakino the Great
      hi 12:34. I accepted your invite. :-). Will you please send me (1) STAMP? Thanks. I am sending you LANDING LAMP now.
      1. Lakino the Great
        Lakino the Great
        hi. I asked for a STAMP, you sent me FUEL 20. :-( I will try again. Please send me (1) PROJECTOR next. Thanks. I will send you LANDING LAMP.
        30 November 2013
    10. Simp1710
      Hi, just added you from my simp1710 game... Happy to send you Leyden jars or anything else which may be of help from my gifting list.
      Any chance you could send a few of those aerosols my way? iOS players are not able to gift them and with the drop rates so low it's proving difficult to progress through the current quest
    11. Toertchen
      Hi you, I added you, please accept me. I can send cash counter and whiteboards.
    12. piloot Darwin
      piloot Darwin
      Hello, can you send me the Geiger counter
    13. piloot Darwin
      piloot Darwin
      I also start to be a follower
    14. piloot Darwin
      piloot Darwin
      hi, I just confirm your reguist for neighbour and thx for the gift.
      maybe you can helpme with 3 amplifiers. If you can't send me that, please send me landingslamp so I can go to Bali or fuel additves for flighing to London and for both passengers.
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    • Android
    Friend Code:
    23:45 (items needed)


    ***Signature updated 18 April 2019***

    Nickname : 23:45 (items needed)
    Friend Code: 04u7n2ttz
    Level : 57 Stars: 331

    Current Item Needs: Catering, Blanket

    Always welcome: Fuel, Passengers, Meals, Oscillating Beacon, Navigation Module, Fuel Hose, Spare Propeller, Deicer, Fuel catalyst

    Can Gift Items:
    Fuel (3) & (20), Flight Catering, Fuel catalyst
    Copy machine, Mechanical Thermometer, Safety Cone, Walkie-talkie,
    Riveter, Disposable shampoo, Computer, Paint, Generator, Album,
    Ice detector, Landing lamp, Handling line, Powerful radio transmitter,
    Video wall, Robot tester, Glass display case, Fuel supply, Jet engine,
    Whiteboard, Choc candies, Fuel additives, drill machine, Communication Antenna,
    Additional radar, Ergonomic chair, Spare wire, Stamp, Passenger seat, Cognac,
    Oscillating Beacon, Flight Catering, Weather display, Navigation module, Transmitter,
    Fuel hose, Altimeter, Perfume, Spare propeller, Deicer, Controller,
    Wireless compass,
    Differential relay, Lamp shade, Washing machine, Blanket, Attitude indicator,
    Tunnel freezer, Hydraulic cylinder, Autopilot, Earplugs, Fruit Lollipop

    Just being sentimental: Old game name 12:34, friend code a5j8ca
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