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New Profile Posts

  1. DD2019
    Guys hello I need bike jackets!!!!! Please add me 034cyogs and send me jackets
  2. TeresaLisboa
    TeresaLisboa nick6901
    Hi Nick! Don't you need any lower level item? What can I send you that's available up to blanket?
    1. nick6901
      F20 would be just fine Teresa,thanks
      16 January 2019 at 06:12
    2. DD2019
      Guys hello I need bike jackets!!!!! Please add me 034cyogs and send me jackets
      16 January 2019 at 19:42
    3. TeresaLisboa
      I know that, and I wouldn’t ask if I had it to give away. But from that one I don’t.
      16 January 2019 at 23:43
  3. Harcourt
    Current Needs Fuel20, Earplugs, Ereader
  4. Cap'n Eddie
    Cap'n Eddie
    My in-game profile has not been updated. Did I miss something?
  5. Cap'n Eddie
    Cap'n Eddie
    Hi all - thanks for letting me join.
    1. DD2019
      Guys hello I need bike jackets!!!!! Please add me 034cyogs and send me jackets
      16 January 2019 at 19:42
  6. Shelby725
    Need items for control tower upgrade, listed in signature
  7. Sudip
    Frustrated with life. But all of u are keeping me alive. Thank u.
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  8. Wes
    Wes Husam
    Hi @Husam.
    Can I add you as neighbour please?
    1. Husam likes this.
    2. Husam
      Sure i will send you request today from my 3 accounts
      3 January 2019
      DD2019 likes this.
  9. Nobrakes88
    Nobrakes88 Free2Play
    Hi Ivan, I cant buy coins nor airport cash on VK today, it it a bug or have I been banned?
    my username is Shaun Chik
    It says (from what I can read from the Russian popup that the system is down for a moment)
    1. Free2Play
      This is not a bug, but payments are really not available at VK at the moment for everyone.
      2 January 2019
  10. dr_fly
    dr_fly Ddave1
    I send you neighbour request
  11. dr_fly
    dr_fly Robert
    I send you neighbour request
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  12. Harcourt
    Current Needs - Earplugs, Earplugs and Earplugs !!!!!!
  13. BelleAIr
    F20, Fuel Catalysts, Earplugs, AutoPilot,
  14. OneGoldenHeart
    OneGoldenHeart Andy B
    Sent you friends request from OGH.
    Please accept
  15. I.Reed
    I.Reed Allan Browne
    Added you as neighbor (: my username is ivanreed
    1. Allan Browne
      16 December 2018
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  16. Blue Skies
    Blue Skies Pit1024
    Hey Peter, long time no chat. I hope you are doing well. I finally completed the 6-pack of Luna Parks. I held off to open all of them at the same time, sync together. They are now under construction.
    1. Pit1024
      Good job, Casey! In six days you'll have 600 more Terminal capacity.
      I'll send you a PM in a minute.
      16 December 2018
  17. PhactorPhil
    PhactorPhil Blue Jay
    EMP for gift?
    1. Blue Jay likes this.
    2. Blue Jay
      Blue Jay
      Yeah i know, i wasn’t thinking
      16 December 2018
  18. VdW9
    VdW9 OneGoldenHeart
    What item can you send for Repair Base lv.5? I can't see it in your signature. Maybe we can trade as I am also planning to build Repair Base lv.5
    1. OneGoldenHeart
      Repair Base LVL 5 (AirVentFilter, Controller, GridingMachine, TV Panels)
      13 December 2018
    2. OneGoldenHeart
      3 controller, 2 AVF, 1 TV panels
      13 December 2018
  19. Jacque
    Jacque david smith
    Hi there. I accidentally sent you an attitude indicator. Sorry. While sending gifts today.
    Sorry for sending incorrectly
  20. TeresaLisboa
    TeresaLisboa Aaroncapusa
    Hi! I took a look at your signature and saw that you won’t give back any item to those who send you anything besides F20.
    Are you aware that lots of us do not have F20 to send? Some have P10 instead! And they won’t be able to send you F20... perhaps you could add an alternative gifting list...