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New Profile Posts

  1. RicoB92
    #inflight #lvl80 #345 stars
  2. RicoB92
    RicoB92 Dj Lennart
    daar hajje m toevallig
  3. Aaroncapusa
    Aaroncapusa Etshk
    i sent request fron aaroncapusa
  4. VdW9
    VdW9 SeanC
    Hi, sent you neighbor request. We're in similar level. Might be able to help each other better :)
  5. OneGoldenHeart
    Looking for friends to add as neighbors.
  6. ac huang
    ac huang Liam Dobczinski
    Have any room of your alliance for me? I am 80+ passengers in level 76. daily player.
  7. Randy Reed Jr
  8. Jacque
  9. Jacque
    In need of spare propellers if anyone can help.
  10. BDS Air
    BDS Air
    With a sigh of relief, Alice and Friday stepped back through the looking glass.
  11. VdW9
    VdW9 Diabloscort
    Hi, I sent you a neighbor request :)
  12. VdW9
    VdW9 Kesh
    Hi, I sent you a neighbor request. Thanks :)
  13. VdW9
    VdW9 M22
    Hi, I sent you a neighbor request :) Thanks.
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  14. Captain WH Rollins
    Captain WH Rollins Disco
    Your signature shows you need Sliding Table Saw x 4 - if this is correct, I will start gifting from tomorrow morning - Regards Captain WH Rollins
    1. Disco likes this.
    2. Disco
      Sorry I need to update it! I will try to later when home!
      16 October 2018
  15. Angie
    Angie Fast Freddie
    I have received a neighbour request from you. I would be happy to have you as a neighbour but feel it only fair to point out that I rarely have gifts to send to any neighbours who are not members of my Alliances (Angie and Angie2) - both Alliances are in the top fifty, we help each other as much as we can. If you enjoy space flying it would be good for space launches, I fly several times a week.
  16. Spooksue
    Spooksue Trybat
    Hi, my name is Spooksue from Australia and I would like to be your neighbour. My friend code is 20oohxfj. Thank you. :)
    1. Trybat
      For sure! I have sent a request. Thanks :)
      16 October 2018
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  17. VdW9
    VdW9 slanghanger
    Hi, I sent you a neighbor request :)
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    2. slanghanger
      accepted, thanks for asking :)
      15 October 2018
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  18. VdW9
    VdW9 Rainer
    Hi, I sent you a neighbor request :)
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  19. carl scott
    carl scott
    Hi all after some help I have lost my game after 2 weeks of not been on(broken phone) I have contacted Gi but had nothing back from them
  20. Bob69bob
    Bob69bob Trybat
    Please read my gifting policy in my sig before sending gifts, pls ;)
    1. Trybat
      Sorry, I could have sworn I sent you what was in your game name. I will be more careful next time.
      14 October 2018
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